November 2019

 Dr. (AMBP) Stefano Piotti is a Nigerian-Italian with over 35 years of experience in the Contracting, Energy, Oil & Gas and Power Industry sector, dealing with multi-million dollars EPC turn-key projects, products and services. With international exposure in Europe, Africa and Middle East, he gained consolidated experience in project management and execution, commercial tactics, business positioning and strategy planning.

Dr. Stefano Piotti is a recipient of SHELL PETROLEUM PERFORMANCE EXCELLENCE AWARD 2016

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He started as a site project staff in FOCHI GROUP in Iraq, moved quickly into managerial positions in operations and in sales and business development and promoted as Branch Manager at 27 years old. He. He was formerly Regional Manager Middle East And Nigeria for ABB, MD and Executive Technical Director in ALCON Nigeria, Vice President Business development And Marketing in Greenville and CEO (Consultant) Lee Engineering before starting Stephano Integrated Service Limited.

Dr. Stefano is hardworking, highly motivated, performance driven, creative, a strategic planner, highly ethical; leading with energy and determination while directing his team.

He possesses an MBA from Yorkers International University, PhD in Peace Studies and Program and the recipient of several awards in Charity, Humanitarian Services, Excellence and Leadership notable of which is the 2016 winner, worldwide, of the Shell Performance Excellence Award for the work done in successful execution of gas projects in Nigeria.

His other passion is arts and entertainment, of which he has promoted several talent hunts, pageants and other projects including a fashion house and a Nollywood Movie. These, he uses in gainfully engaging and developing youths in Nigeria.
World reknowned Beauty Pageant Contest, Miss Intercontinental Nigeria has held the 2019 Audition Exercise for prospective and potential contestants across 3 States in Nigeria. The auditions were held at Grand Cubana Hotels in Abuja, Beverly Hills in Portharcourt Rivers State and at Tetrazzini Building, Victoria Island in Lagos simultaneously on 16th November

According to the Olayinka Oluwatobi, Head Of Administration of 2019 Miss Intercontinental Nigeria, he noted that the 23rd  November grand auditioning exercise, holding in Lagos will be well scrutinized so as to ensure that participating contestants are fully qualified, meeting all the requirements to contest amongst other Nationals from across the globe.
With the theme, "Our Environment, Our Greatest Asset" and tagged "Beauty Goes Green", Miss Intercontinental Nigeria 2019, will be unveiling strategic initiatives, revealing enviroment, as a resource that can explored for gainful global returns. Winners of the contest, will be decorated as ambassadors of the enviromental resource development initiative across the world.

The Head of Media also noted that all selected contestants across states and regions are mandated to be at the Final TV Screening on the 23rd of November in Lagos, ahead of the 15th December Grand-finale ceremony holding at Intercontinental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos state, where the emerged winner will represent Nigeria at Miss Intercontinental World, holding at Egypt, with over 90participating countries.
Still stressing on the audition-exercise, the head of Administration noted that accomodation and other necessities will be available for contestants coming from other states and regions to Lagos state. He stated that the auditioning is open to new contestants with state allocation and photo shoots.

Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) would in the middle of next year deliver three railway coaches from China for the operation of Lot 1A and 3 of the Abuja Light Rail service.

FCT Minister, Muhammad Bello, made the disclosure at the weekend during the launching of the Safe, Functional and Efficient Transportation Policy in Abuja.

He added that 10 additional metro stations segment on the Metro Station to Airport Station line are to be commissioned next year.

Presently only three coaches are operational on the Lot 1A and 3 networks. The delivery of three additional coaches would bring the number of coaches in use on the network to six.

“By next year, three of the coaches that are under construction in China would arrive. I also want to say that about 10 additional stations on the metro stations to Abuja airport line would be commissioned and we would have trains probably moving almost in intervals of 30 minutes,” Bello said.

The Lot 1A & 3 Abuja light rail was commissioned on July 12, 2018 to fast track the movement of people and goods between the satellite towns and the city centre.

The entire network spans 45.3 kilometres in length. Lot 1A, which is 18 kilometres long, stretched from Idu lndustrial Zone via Gwagwa-Deidei and terminates at Gbazango Station in Kubwa. Both Lots connect at Idu Station to enable easy passenger transfer with the National Rail line linking Kaduna and Abuja.
Minister of Water Resources Suleiman Adamu has said President Muhammadu Buhari will soon sign an Executive Order to back the law banning open defecation in the country.

Adamu said the law would not coarse Nigerians but promote behavioural change in hygiene to curb open defecation.

The minister said the menace dents the image of the country before the international community.

Adamu, who addressed reporters at the weekend in Abuja, said Nigeria is ranked number one among countries practising open defecation with over 47 million Nigerians indulging in the practice. The minister, who was unveiling the Clean Nigeria: Use the Toilet Campaign, at the headquarters of the ministry, also said government would ensure that Nigerians desist from the practice.

He said: “In the Wash Action Plan that we are promoting, which the states are adopting, there is a provision for some legislation to be made against open defecation. There is going to be an Executive Order signed by President Buhari to that effect, where there is going to be a law against open defecation. The law enforcement agencies will do their bit…”
There are indications that the Federal Government may yet be engaged in another embarrassing legal battle involving BFI Group, which, newsmen gathered, has perfected plans to reinstate a $2.8 billion U.S. law suit over the activation of the Share Purchase Agreement (SPA) on the Aluminium Smelter Company of Nigeria (ALSCON), in Ikot Abasi, Akwa Ibom State, to Dayson Holding/UC RUSAL against the Supreme Court’s judgment of July 6, 2012.

In a telephone conversation with Jimmy Williams, BFI Group General Counsel, it was gathered that the implementation of the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) judgments by the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) and the Federal Ministry of Mines and Steel Development was adjudged illegality of the highest order in January 2019.

Williams, who accused the BPE of flouting the order of the Supreme Court, said the October 15, 2014 London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) judgments lacked jurisdiction and was a monumental fraud and corruption against the nation.

“The BPE et al falsely represented and affirmed that it had complied with the Supreme Court judgment of July 6, 2012 – a blatant lie designed to frustrate, rubbish, and undermine the specific order of the apex court.

“On January 11, 2019, the Appeal Court ruled directing BPE to enforce the judgment of the Supreme Court of Nigeria,” Williams said.

The BFI Group counsel disclosed that the BFI Group was expectedly perfecting documents to make demand for over $20 billion in compensation, largely for loss of earnings, reputation, and commitments.

He said: “In 2006, BFI Group Corporation filed $2.8 billion U.S. law suit against UC RUSAL who later joined FGN, et al.

“The U.S. Court of Appeal in New York directed that the case be transferred to Nigeria subject to UC RUSAL willingness to waive all rights to jurisdiction, statute of limitation, service of process, and UC RUSAL complied.

“The FCT High Court heard the matter and ruled that since the Supreme Court of Nigeria had ordered that ALSCON be given to BFI Group, it would be improper to give $2.8 billion, instead BFI Group should vigorously pursue the enforcement of the Supreme Court’s judgment of July 6, 2012.”

He specifically said: “With continued frustration of its attempt to complete the acquisition of ALSCON, BFI Group filed contempt proceedings against BPE for failure to enforce the judgment of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, rather than support the use of fraudulent London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) award to rubbish the decision of the nation’s apex court.”

According to Williams, “BFI Group has initiated 49 enforcement proceedings at the Federal High Court, Abuja, but the BPE has continued to frustrate the Supreme Court’s judgment by acknowledging the London Court of International Arbitration ruling over the apex court’s judgment.”

He added: “The moral question of Dayson Holding/UC RUSAL getting the $3.2 billion plant while the allegedly London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) award was only and illegally domesticated through consent recognition and enforcement of final arbitral award issued on October 10, 2019 by the FCT Court, Apo, in Abuja.

“The question of why the BPE is already implementing the LCIA award judgments since January 2018 by activating the SPA in favour of Dayson Holding/UC RUSAL, unlike before the January 2019 Appeal Court judgments affirming the position of the July 6, 2012 Supreme Court’s judgment in favour of BFI Group remains unanswered.”
Former Managing Director of the Pipelines and Products Marketing Company (PPMC), Haruna Momoh, his wife, Ochuko Okor Momoh and their companies have commenced move to retrieve assets and cash seized from them by the Federal Government.

The FG, acting through the Independent Corrupt Practices and other related offices Commission (ICPC), on October 25, 2019 obtained an ex-parte order of interim forfeiture against Momoh, his wife and their two companies, from Justice Olukayode Adeniyi of the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) in Apo, Abuja.

ICPC claimed among others that the move was part of its efforts to recover about N2,417,037,404b and landed properties, which the Momohs allegedly acquired unlawfully.

The commission claimed that the money includes foreign and local currencies, stashed in multiple accounts in four different banks as well as five landed properties located in different parts of Abuja metropolis.

Momoh, his wife and their companies – Multi Trade Limited and Blaid Construction Ltd returned to the court last Thursday to argue their application, with which they have challenged the interim forfeiture order.

Their lawyer, Ade Adedeji (SAN), who argued the application, prayed the court to set aside the interim order made on October 25, 2019 “which temporary forfeited all the various sums in the banks listed in the order.”

Adedeji accused the ICPC of misleading the court and obtaining the forfeiture order through fraud, by allegedly withholding necessary facts from the court.

“Where it is clear that the order obtained ex-parte was obtained without full disclosure and by misrepresentation of facts, the other party has a right to challenge such an order,” he said

Adedeji noted that a major fact the ICPC failed to disclose was the judgment delivered on July 4, 2019 by Justice Binta Nyako, wherein, the judge faulted the decision by the ICPC to freeze his clients’ accounts and placed the inscription: “Keep off, under ICPC investigation” on their landed properties.

He argued that, although the ICPC appealed the judgement, it chose to commence another assets forfeiture proceedings before another court rather than await the outcome of its appeal.

“It is based on these that we submit that, on that ground alone, there is irrebutable ground for the setting aside of the order of this court made on October 25, 2019.

“It has become a pattern with agencies of government, particularly ICPC and EFCC. Although we need them, because we realise that our society needs cleansing, they must have the rule of law in mind and act constitutionally always in carrying out their responsibilities

“The abuse of the processes of court and rule of law, more than any corruption, is the mother of all corruption.

“It has become a pattern with the respondent to abuse the process of court and trample on the rule of law.

“It is necessary to mention that they (ICPC) have filed several actions till date, including the EFCC. There are seven of them.

They obtained forfeiture orders hear and there, which have been set aside.

“Suddenly, they decided, after filing this application, to file a criminal charge before the Federal High Court perhaps, thinking that this court would be persuaded by the well written and high sounding charges to refuse our application.

“We have stated that the order of interim forfeiture was obtained fraudulently, the only reply they have is to bring facts to say they did not misrepresent facts or mislead the court.

“They also have to show that the Federal High Court did not permanently restrain them, in the judgment of July 4, 2019, from tampering with the assets of the plaintiffs.

“It is on that basis we seek the court to set a side this order so that the businesses of the plaintiffs can resume activities and hundred of workers can earn their salaries,” Adedeji said.

He faulted the counter affidavit the ICPC filed against his clients’ application and also prayed the court to disregard it.

Responding, ICPC’s lawyer, Osuobeni Akponimisingha urged the court to refuse the application by the Momohs, on the grounds that they were confusing issues.

Akponimisingha was of the view that the applicants were in disobedience of the court’s order and ought to be granted audience.

He argued that they were yet to comply with an earlier order of the court, directing them to show cause why the interim order of forfeiture should not be made permanent.

He contended that the property and cash, in respect of which the current order was obtained, were different from the ones on which the judgement by Justice Nyako related.

“The charge before the Federal High Court was not filed as a result of the application they filed, but because it became necessary and based on available evidence and progress in investigation.

“The order earlier made by this court in 2017 relate to different issues. The issues were about movable assets of the applicants in a different accounts.

“This order made on October 25, 2019 are in respect of new facts and developments, not related to Ecobank covered in the last proceedings. This one (order) relates to Stanbic IBPC, UBA, etc,” Akponimisingha said.

Justice Adeniyi has reserved ruling and told parties that they will be informed when a date is set for the court’s decision.
Kwara State Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq has renovated the decrepit hostels of the state’s National Youths Service Corps (NYSC) camp, barely five months after he described the facilities as penitentiaries not fit for human living.

The renovation came three months after his administration also supplied the facilities with 400 mattresses, 200 double-bunk beds, 100 long benches, and consumables which the government said were meant to make the camp more conducive for the corps members.

AbdulRazaq had on June 20 paid an unscheduled visit to the Yikpata (Edu local government area of Kwara State) camp of the NYSC where he lamented the condition of the facilities and said they typified the deplorable state of things across the state. He however pledged to fix the facilities, especially the hostels that were an eyesore.

“We are really grateful to Mr Governor for keeping his words. I’m happy to inform you that the government has renovated three main hostels, including the two-in-one Mayflower hostel, and I don’t think there’s any NYSC camp in the country that has the kind of facilities we now have,” Kwara NYSC Coordinator Esther Ikupolati said.

Ikupolati said the camp management has decided to rename the Mayflower hostel as Harmony Hostel in honour of the Governor’s efforts.

AbdulRazaq had openly apologised to the Corps members for the condition of the facilities and said the visit was a challenge to him to do things differently.

“I apologise for the state of your accommodation. After seeing them, it is like a penitentiary. It is not fit for human living,” he had said during the visit.

“The people in charge before should have done better. By saying that, I have thrown a challenge to myself and my administration to make things better.”

The latest gesture strengthened AbdulRazaq’s rising public image as a Governor who matches his words with actions.

His visits to facilities have often been followed by visible actions to change the situation he condemned as abnormal.
Blackout is looming from the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI) as the Generation Companies (GenCos) on Sunday threatened to shutdown production should the Federal Government refuses to disburse the N600billion intervention fund.

The GenCos, speaking through the Executive Secretary, Association of Power Generation Companies (APGC), Dr. Joy Ogaji revealed to reporters in Abuja that the GenCos have been indebted to extent that their gas suppliers no longer supply them.

This, according to her, has compelled three GenCos to shutdown their operations.

She noted that if the N600bn is not released in record time, a deliberate decision or economic forces will force the remaining GenCos to stop production.

Ogaji disclosed that the GenCos have been receiving only 15 percent of their invoices since June/July whereas nothing less than 20 to 30 percent of their invoices can sustain their operations.

The spokesperson also alleged that the Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading (NBET) Plc has been threatening the GenCos that they will not receive the intervention fund without consenting to the payment of 0.75 percent administrative charge.

She added that the NBET Managing Director, Dr. Marilyn Amobi has been calling on the owners of the GenCos to forward their board resolution to access the N600billion.

Ogaji however noted that the call was misleading since the Central Bank of Nigeria was yet to release the fund. The spokesperson, stressed that CBN paid the previous interventions directly to power firms and gas suppliers.

Her words: “We have heard the news, which was part of what we told you in September, that the Federal Government is working on releasing N600 billion for us. From that time till this moment, it is still news that the Federal Government is still working on it.

“Now the reason we ca this press conference is because NBET has been threatening calling the GenCos, especially the owners (investors) , telling them that she has the money with her if only they will send the board resolution she would pay the money.

“But the truth is that, I have done my own findings, CBN has not released the money. And if you know how the N701b was dealt with, no money was released NBET. CBN paid the money directly to all the GenCos and gas suppliers, calling the GenCos owners and lying to them that she has the money is a misleading fact.

“So, if NBET excesses are not checked and this N600billion is not released on time, whether we deliberately shutdown or not, the machines will shutdown by themselves. This is because gas suppliers have stopped giving gas to some of the GenCos.

“You are comparing that power has reduced, if you check the market payment from the DisCos, July or June, was 15 percent, out of that 15 percent, we paid gas suppliers. So, what is left. A typical GenCo needs 20 to 30 percent to be able to operate. The earlier that money is released to us, power will continue, if it is not, the forces of economy will come to play.”

Amobi however did not respond to calls and text messages on the allegation.
The Minister of Science and Technology, Ogbonnaya Onu, has stressed the need for Nigeria to participate fully in the fourth industrial revolution.

Onu disclosed this at the weekend in Abuja during a summit on ‘’Leveraging The Digital Economy for trade investment’ in the banquet hall of the State House.

The Minister said since Nigeria had lost out in the last three industrial revolutions, a new generation of entrepreneurs are needed to compete within the comity of nations.

“We have laid the foundation to help us get a new generation of entreneurs and business men and women that will use technologies developed in Nigeria to compete favourably within the comity of nations,” he said.

Onu appealed to the Organised Private Sector to key in by playing an important role in the commercialisation of research results.

‘’We are vigorously pursuing commercialisation of research results so that they can be converted into products and services that would be available in the market place.

“We therefore must do everything that is necessary to participate in the fourth industrial Revolution,” he said.
In an effort to continue boosting the immunity of children against measles and meningitis, the Federal Government, through the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) in collaboration with World Health Organization (WHO) launched a campaign to reach more than 28 million children with lifesaving vaccines.

The campaign with support from Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance is to vaccinate children across the 19 Northern states, namely: Bauchi, Benue, Borno, Kano, Katsina, Plateau, Taraba, Niger, Adamawa, Kaduna and Sokoto. Others are Gombe, Jigawa, Kebbi, Nasarawa, Yobe, Zamfara, Kwara and the Federal Capital Territory.

Speaking on preparations for the campaign, Dr Joseph Oteri, Director of Disease Control and Immunization, NPHCDA said, “Measles is a highly contagious respiratory viral disease with increased mortality and morbidity in children under five years, and Nigeria has experienced repeated outbreaks of measles in recent years due to low routine immunization coverage. In addition, Nigeria is within the meningitis belt, where the incidence rate is very high, especially in the North”.

According to him, “Government is committed to ensuring every eligible child is reached with these lifesaving vaccines. We will go to markets, schools, churches, mosques and everywhere we can get good catchment to reach our target population. No child deserves to die from any vaccine preventable disease.”

“Gavi is committed to supporting Nigeria in achieving its goal of improved immunisation coverage. Diseases like measles are both devastating and easily preventable – more than 21 million lives around the world have been saved with the measles vaccine,” said Thabani Maphosa, Gavi Country Programmes Managing Director. “Furthermore, with so many Nigerians at risk from meningitis every year, immunisation with the MenA vaccine can help to limit outbreaks. Gavi’s work vaccinating more than 279 million children in Africa’s meningitis belt has shown the ability of the vaccine to reduce prevalence of the disease.”

Gavi is supporting the Government of Nigeria by funding measles and MenA vaccines, as well as operational costs for these campaigns. These resources are provided for integrated MenA and Measles campaigns in 17 states and in Kano (Measles and MenA stand-alone), Yobe (Measles) and five other southern states (e.g., Oyo, Imo, Cross River, Eboyni and Anambra) that are planning MenA campaigns in December 2019.

For its part, WHO Nigeria has trained over 44,000 health workers and is mobilizing over 17,000 vaccination teams to support these campaigns.

Dr Fiona Braka, the WHO Team Lead of the Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) reiterated that, “The measles vaccine remains the most cost effective preventive measure against measles and WHO is committed to supporting the Nigerian government in reaching every eligible child in the country with the needed vaccines irrespective of their location.”
The Organisers and Winners of the prestigious International Pageant Contest, Miss Polo International have been welcomed and received in Nigeria to flaggoff the "Beauty With A Mission Education Charity Tour", commencing on the 17th to 23rd of November in Abuja. 

The Nigeria Tour is happening few days after a delighful grande-finale ceremony of Miss Polo International Pageant was held at Palm Jumeirah in Dubai and witnessed the crowning of Miss Indonesia Dewanti Kumala, as the 2019 Winner of the prestigious Miss Polo International Contest. According to our reporter, welcome billboard adverts and several responsive preparations are been made to enabled the efficient flaggoff of the educational impact-tour and the Charity Fund Raising Gala Night in Abuja.
The Charity Fundraising Gala Night is organised by Polo International Relief Foundation in collaboration with Miss Polo International Queens. The idea is to encourage resourceful developmental supports that will enable extensive impact and sustainable improvement for humanity.

According to the Project Director, Mrs. Ibife Alufohai, she noted that her focus was to remain devoted to building iconic models and pageant queens as ambassadors of change and agents of positive impact. As a philanthropist, Mrs. Ibife believes that all children have the right to education and that is why she has continued to use her foundation Polo International Relief Foundation as a channel to help send under privileged Children back to school. 
Her foundation is also committed to supporting educational infrastructures through renovation and other humanitarian activities like helping the physically challenged persons in our society. However all hands are already on deck, as the foundation and its partners are set to host and flagoff one of the most epoch events in 2019, "Nigeria Beauty With A Mission Charity Tour" and the "Charity Fundraising Gala Night" in Abuja.

As Nigerians felicitate with the graceful age of Mallam Mamman Daura, one of the most Influential persons in President Buhari-led administration, several critics have been sponsored across the social and online media space dissaproving the unequivocal contrubutions and distinctive impact of the 80years old erudite politician and experienced media personality.

Speaking with Mamman Daura during an exclusive conversation with State Press Correspondents, he noted that the criticisms and unconstructive reactions he recieved from enemies of the Nigeria state does not bother him and was incapable of discouraging him from contributing his earnest quota to the growth and development of the nation. He cleared the air, when he categorically stated that he would stop at nothing until the government of President Muhammadu Buhari achieves fruition in all its visionary projects.

He stressed that the entire cabinet of the APC led Administration under President Muhammadu Buhari, through the exceptional suggestions of Mallam Abba Kyari, the Chief of Staff to the President was indeed well considered and in the goodwill of the nation. He stated that it wasnt business as usual. Stressing that any attack or hate speech on key players in the Buhari-led administration would be considered as baseless and silence would be the best response to such unscrupulous attacks.

In his reaction, he chronicled some of his agelong impacts. As an Editor of the then New Nigerian Newspapers, the young 29years Mamman Daura helped to improve the standing, objectivity and balanced reportage in the national media space. As a Nephew and close Associate to President Buhari, he was also resourceful as a board member of BCCI's Nigerian affiliate, Africa International Bank, and later became the chairman of the now defunct Nigerian Bank of Commerce and Industry. While exposing his eminent capacity in the banking sector, Mamman Daura remains one of the versatile associate, creating experienced contributions to national growth and advancement.

While concluding on his reactions, he assured Nigerians that the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari would from now on give no prevalence and interest in hate speeches and unguided criticism, stressing that the government is commited to sustainable developmental projects for the undaunted growth and development of Nigeria.

Inspector General of Police, IGP Mohammed, Abubakar Adamu,  has approved the appointment of CP Hakeem Olusegun Odumosu as the new Commissioner of Police in Lagos state.

CP Odumosu is taking over from AIG Zubairu Muazu mni who was recently promoted from Commissioner  of Police to Assistant Inspector General of Police and posted to Force Headquarters Abuja as AIG in charge of Counter Terrorism Unit. 

CP Hakeem Odumosu holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Bachelor of Law degree and Master Degree in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution from the National Open University of Nigeria. He also holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Lagos State University. Others include: Post Graduate Diploma in Security Management and Operations, Advanced Diploma in Law Enforcement Administration, and Higher Diploma in Terrorism Studies from University of Lagos; and Post Graduate Diploma in Public Relations and Marketing from Nigeria Institute of Journalism.
CP Odumosu was enlisted into the Nigeria Police Force on 3rd March, 1990 as cadet ASP and rose through  the ranks.

A statement from the spokesperson of the state police command, Bala Elakan, says the new Commissioner has a vast experience in operations, investigations and administration.

He started his policing career as Operations Officer in Isokoko, Ketu and Satellite Divisions as well as Area D Command,  Mushin, Lagos. He was the Chairman, Lagos State Taskforce on Environmental and Special Offences, Governor’s Office,  Alausa,  Ikeja.  He equally served as the Officer in Charge, Pensions Office in Edo and Ogun States. He was in charge of Research and Planning Department,  Kaduna State Command. 
CP Odumosu was one time Commander, Rapid Response Squad, Lagos State Command and Area Commander,  Akwanga, Nasarawa State. He was Assistant Commissioner of Police Operations,  Western Ports Authority Command, Lagos and Area Commander, Agodi Area Command, Oyo State.

He was Deputy Commissioner of Police Operations (FEDOPS), and Deputy Commissioner of Police Administration, Department of Operations,  Force Headquarters Abuja. He was Commissioner of Police, Department  of Research and Planning and Commissioner of Police (Inspectorate), Department  of Training and Development,  Force Headquarters Abuja. He served as the Commissioner of Police, Edo State and later Commissioner of Police,  Finance and Administration, Department of Operations,  Force Headquarters Abuja. He was a member and Head of Enforcement Unit of the Presidential Taskforce on the Restoration of Law and Order on Apapa gridlock, Lagos.

CP Odumosu belongs to various Professional Bodies. He is a Follow, Institute of Corporate Administration and a Fellow of International Institute of Professional Security. He is an active member of International Association of Chiefs of Police and a member of Institute of Public Administration of Nigeria. He is a multiple awards winner. 
CP Odumosu is very much familiar with Lagos terrain and there is no doubt, he will bring his wealth of experience to bear in piloting the affairs of the Command. The good people of Lagos State are enjoined to accord the new Commissioner of Police maximum supports'' the statement read
Maduka Okoye, Nigeria's goalkeeper has explained why he chose to represent his country of birth rather that Germany where he has naturalized.     
Handsome Super Eagles player Maduka Okoye explains why he chose Nigeria over Germany
Maduka Okoye who plays for Fortuna Düsseldorf, has made more headlines among female fans for his looks than his football skills as a goalkeeper,  but Okoye has now come out to explain that his love for Nigeria was all that mattered in his national team decision.   
Handsome Super Eagles player Maduka Okoye explains why he chose Nigeria over Germany

Super Eagles manager, Gernot Rohr handed debut to Okoye in the 63rd minute of the friendly against Brazil last month after Francis Uzoho suffered a serious injury.
''I love this country, it is an easy decision for me. I feel like I am one hundred percent 'Naija', that's why I chose Nigeria over anything else,'' Okoye said in an interview with
''It is a dream come true wearing the green white green. I always wanted to wear it, it is a pleasure and I'm so honored to play for this country, I made my debut against such a big country.
''I am just looking forward to getting better and having more caps for my country.''

The 20-year-old also explained training with the Super Eagles is different from training with his German club:
 ''It is different from German football. Of course in Germany we do in pre-season hard work.
''Here with the Super Eagles it's everyday hard work no matter how the weather is or something else.
''It is really hard with these conditions, like 32 degrees, but I get used to it and it is getting better day by day.''

On the competition with more experienced goalkeepers in the national team, Okoye said: 
''We are pushing each other and this will get us better. We are like brothers, it's a family, as I said we're pushing each other''.
Governor Bello Muhammad Matawalle of Zamfara State has sacked 21 out of its 47 permanent secretaries and announced the creation of 7 new Directorates in the state.
According to a statement by the state government, the affected secretaries were fired for being unqualified for the position.
According to a report by the committee constituted for the restructuring of the state civil service submitted to Governor Matawalle on the 9th of October 2019, the committee said it is worrisome that the state which has only seventeen ministries and fourteen local government areas could be operating with 47 permanent secretaries.
Governor Matawalle in a statewide broadcast, also announced that he accepted the recommendations for the restructuring of ministries from the existing 19 to 11.
“It accepted the recommendations for the restructuring of ministries from the existing 19 to 11.
“However, after careful consideration, the government has approved the following ministries:
Similarly, in addition to the existing Directorates, the Government has approved the establishment of the following new Directorates and Bureaus: Directorate of Housing and Urban Development; Directorate of Lands and Survey; Directorate of Chieftaincy Affairs; Directorate of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development; Directorate of Labour Matters; Directorate of Inter-community Relations; Bureau for Public Procurement; Bureau for Public Service Reform.
"Another thorny issue addressed by the report of the Committee on Restructuring of the Civil Service is that of the number of our permanent secretaries vis a vis our scarce resources. All assessments have shown that our state has a far greater number of permanent secretaries than any of our sister states in the north-west, saying that with 47 permanent secretaries, the system has become saturated and overburdened.”
‘‘The Restructuring Committee, therefore, invited all the permanent secretaries and subjected them to a written test and interview in order to assess their competence”
“Based on the outcome of the assessment, only 25 out of the 47 qualified for retention as permanent secretaries.”
The Committee also recommended the appointment of one additional person, in recognition of his worthiness, as a permanent secretary, bringing the number of the permanent secretaries recommended to 26, stressing that the white paper committee accepted the recommendations
“As for the permanent secretaries who did not qualify for retention government would consider those found eligible for appointment as career Directors General, Managing Directors, Executive Secretaries, Secretaries and other appropriate positions.”
A Moroccan rapper who co-authored a song criticising the kingdom faces two years in prison after appearing in court Thursday charged with offending public officials.
Mohamed Mounir, widely known as Gnawi, was charged in Sale near Rabat over the publication of a video in which he insulted police.
But the lawyer for the 31-year-old singer said the real reason for his client’s prosecution was the song he co-wrote with two friends about desperate youth in Morocco, unemployment and corruption.
The song “Aach al chaab” — which means long live the people — has been viewed more than 13 million times on YouTube since it was released last month.
The lyrics denounce injustice and money-grabbing and crucially attack Morocco’s king directly, which according to local media constitutes a clear breach of the kingdom’s “red lines”.
The rapper’s arrest on November 1, a day after the song’s release, “has nothing to do with the song”, a spokesman for Moroccan police told AFP.
The police sued as it “suffered damage as an institution”, according to lawyer Abdelfettah Yatribi.
The rapper has been remanded in custody.
The case has sparked condemnation from rights groups and outrage on social media.
Amnesty International called his arrest “absurd” and an “outrageous assault on free speech”.
“He is blatantly being punished for expressing his critical views of the police and the authorities,” said Amnesty’s regional director Heba Morayef.
“No one should face punishment for freely speaking their minds,” she added.
Following a brief hearing, the case was adjourned until November 25. Judges will need to rule before then on an application to release the rapper filed by his lawyer.
Young people make up a third of Morocco’s 35 million inhabitants. A quarter of those aged 15 to 24 are unemployed and out of school, according to official figures.
It was indeed a great celebration for the people of Njikoka/Anaocha/Dunukofia Federal Constituency in Anambra state, as Hon. Dozie Nwankwo (Onye Ndozi) finally receives his Certificate of Return from the Independent National Electoral Commision in Abuja yesterday. The APGA candidate and grassroot mobilizer, has earlier appealed the ruling of the tribunal which upheld the election of PDP's Candidate, Hon. Valentine Ayika.

This presentation of the certificate of Return to Hon. Dozie of APGA came few days after the judgment of the Court of Appeal in Enugu, sacked Hon. Valentine as the Member Representing Njikoka/Anaocha/Dunukofia Federal constituency and immediately ordered INEC to issue the Certificate of Return to the APGA Candidate, who was truely and credibly elected by the people.

Hon. Dozie Nwankwo has continuously received an outpour of congratulatory messages and goodwill prayers from people of Njikoka/Anaocha/Dunukofia federal constituency in Anambra state. The young and committed astute politician and erudite leader received the Certificate amidst cheers from friends, family members, party members and supporter from his constituency.

In celebrating his victory, the President of the reknowned Peace Ambassador Agency, Amb. Kingsley Amafibe has joined Nigerians and well meaning people of Njikoka/Anaocha/Dunukofia federal constituency to congratulate Hon. Dozie on his well-deserved victory.

In the words of Amb. Kingsley, he says, "the truth cannot be swept under the carpet, surely justice will eventually take it place. I am so happy and much elated to be part of the team that stood firmly and confidently as the mandate of Hon. Dozie is returned and today we celebrate his victory and we have no doubt that his leadership and representation of Njikoka/Anaocha/Dunukofia federal constituency in Federal House of  Representative will bring unequivocal and responsive development to the entire constituency".

The much-anticipated talent show in Nigeria, “Big Dreams Nigeria”, geared towards discovering and developing young talents who don’t have the means of pursuing their dreams in music,  acting, and stand-up comedy across Nigeria and packaged by Peace Ambassador Agency and top showbiz promoters, organizations, and key industry players is set to hit center stage in 2020.

This was made known to Journalist at a World Press Conference held at Grand Cubana Hotel, Abuja on Wednesday November 6, 2019, which also had in attendance top Nollywood actor, Uzee Usman, Iconic Nigeria musician of Styl-Plus, Mr. Tunde Tdot, Top comedian and Compere, Shortcut, Amb. Daniel and TV Personality, Amb. Rachel Bacham also is known as Rachel That Piper in attendance.

Enumerating the plan of the project which has the backing of people who believe in giving back to the society,  Project Director, and the brain behind  Big Dream Nigeria Talent Show, Mr. Kingsley Amafibe explained that he was motivated to go into this project because of the rate of unemployment in the country. He also stated that though there are measures taken NY the government to curb the unemployment the issue in the country, his project would also assist in giving employed to talented youths who don’t have the resources to pursue their dreams.

He added that other talent show/hunt organizers have a fixed price for any contestant who feel have what it takes to be part of the show, but for Big Dream Nigeria,  registration for participation is free, as the initiative is to offer talented and passionate youths a platform to express themselves and be discovered in the creative industry, and thereby reduce unemployment rate.

“There would be an online registration where they would be expected to upload a 1minute video skit of themselves on what they think they are good at. A total number of 45 youths, 15 each for acting, music and comedy categories, will be selected respectively for the grand finale in Lagos.”

“The 45 selected young talents will be camped for mentoring and training for five weeks in the camp where the professional filmmakers, artists and other stakeholders will train and share experiences with the young and at the end, movies and music produced by them will be screened on all international and local TV stations.” He added.

The auditioning which would hold in 11 states, including the FCT, Jos, Lagos, Kaduna, Calabar, Benin, Enugu, Asaba,  Owerri, Benin City, Port-Harcourt amongst other cities across Nigeria would also see the 45 contestants reduced on a weekly eviction process, until it gets down to the last three people who will then be announced as winners on May 10, 2020.

“The three contestants who make it to the finale will be awarded N2M each to enable them build a career in their area of choice in the entertainment industry.

“This is in line with the essence of the project, to create a job for young people in the entertainment industry, thereby reducing the number of unemployed Nigerians, and ultimately make them employers of labor.”

In a related development, Nollywood filmmaker, actor, producer and director who is a member of the team, explained that his dream is to see talented youths discovered from the program and subsequently given acting roles in some of his upcoming Nollywood flicks and that of his colleagues.

“After the training, we can now help you to get jobs, make sure you are part of the film industry in Nigeria. We are going to register you under Actors Guild of Nigeria and we keep recommending you nationwide. We want investors to coming in because this is the kind of thing they need to invest on because if you invest in a person, you can never regret it at all. This is the major reason I’m part of the Big Dream Talent Hunt,” she responded.

Also adding his voice to the project, Iconic Nigeria musician with Styl-Plus, Mr. Tunde Tdot said when he was approached about the project, he knew this would be a proper channel for the youths to discover their talents.

“The most important aspect for an artist is discovery. Irrespective of the talent you have, if you aren’t discovered, it wouldn’t be very smooth. In my experience as an artist, I know I have claimed through the ranks and I know the kind of hustling I had to do before getting to where I am today. This kind of platform is going to be giving lots of people that shortcut to have a platform to sell themselves. On this project, I’m going to be taking them on the technicalities of music itself since there’s going to be a camp for them. So that by the time we are done with them, they will have a lot to offer the society” he assured.

For Top comedian and Compere, Shortcut, who is also the grand strategist for Leave Comedy For Shortcut will be in charge of the Comedy aspect of the project. He noted that he’s a product of talent hunt having gone through several competitions in life to be where he is today. He added that why he decided to be part of the project is because nothing the project Director, Ambassador Kingsley Amafibe has initiated that hasn’t succeeded.

“What talent shows do to an entertainer is it builds the entertainer’s confidence. Even those that don’t make it to the finals, get these exposures that would help them get to the next level in. Life. I’m a comedian today because I took out time to be part of talent shows.

“I’m encouraging everyone out there who are talented to come out, don’t suppress it, because who knows you might be the next big thing the world is linking for.” He concluded.

Watch video below:

trial of Mohammed Dangana, a staff of the Economic Community of West African States Commission continued Thursday before Justice Okon Abang of the Federal High Court, Abuja with the testimonies of prosecution witness 2 (PW2), Becky Uju, a staff of Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) Plc.
Dangana, an executive assistant to the Financial Controller, ECOWAS Commission Secretariat Abuja, is facing prosecution by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, on a 15-count charge, bordering on criminal diversion of funds, misappropriation and money laundering to the tune of over N587.7m.
He was arraigned alongside Saleh Dangana (Financial Controller, ECOWAS) and Aliyu Ndagi (both still at large) on October 18,2019.
At Thursday’s trial, Uju explained how funds were transferred and received from Mohammed Dangana’s account and the involvement of Saldano Chambers, which Saleh Dangana and Ndagi are signatories to.
The witness who is a compliance officer with GTB, while being led in evidence by prosecution counsel, Wahab Shittu, made available in court, copies of the subpoena and statements of accounts of Mohammed Dangana and those of Saldano Chambers; also certificate of identification and account opening documents of both accounts. The documents were admitted in evidence by the court and marked as Exhibit D1, D2, E1-E46 and F1-F69 respectively.
According to the witness, Mohammed Dangana is the signatory to Mohammed Dangana’s account with GTB, while Saleh Dangana and Alhaji Aliyu Ndagi are signatories to Saldano Chambers.
The witness further revealed that there were various credit entries on May 31, 2016, from two different accounts to Mohammed Dangana’s account. These include: N5million, N4million and N1million that were transferred from Saldano Chambers. He also revealed that N10million and N410,000 were wired from Al-Inab Global Concept Limited to the defendant’s account on same date, totaling N20, 410,000.00.
June 30, 2016, he said that there were two credit transfer of N3million and 500,000.00 from Dukawa Enterprises Nigeria Ltd to Mohammed Dangana’s account, while on August 1, 2016 there were four credit entries of N2million each at different times from Dukawa Enterprises Ltd, and N3.5million from same company. Others are: N230,000,from a source the witness said its name was unclear and N500,00.00 from Dangana Saleh.
On August 2, 2016 another N3.5m and additional N1.158million, he said, were wired to Mohammed Dangana’s account from Dukawa Enterprises.
On August 4, 2016, N1.5million was transferred from Dashad Nigerian Limited to Mohammed Dangana’s Account.
He further reveals that N5million and N1million were debited from Saldano Chambers in favour of Sule Garba on August 6, 2016. Similarly, another N1,450.000.00 was moved from Saldano Chambers on August 8, 2016 to Mohammed Dangana’s account.
Another transaction, he said was made on August 15,2016, involving N4,350.00 from Recovery Package in favour of Mohammed Dangana. Similarly on August 22, 2016, another transfer to the tune of N3.9million came from Recovery Package to Mohammed Dangana’s account.
On October 25, 2016, he said the sum of N1,764,301.60 was credited to SAMTL Properties Limited from Mohammed Dangana’s account, and that on November 15, 2016, the defendant made a transfer to Bello Mohammed Sani to the tune of N1,050,000.00.
During cross-examination by defense counsel Chukwuma Oyenzugwume, the witness told the court that he was not an account officer to any of the accounts, and did not take part in the opening of the accounts.
Matter was adjourned until November 28, 2019 for continuation of trial.