As a company, Ressortir Global Management is involved in several multi-million naira projects, including purchasing and selling of trucks, sales of AGO and LPG products, as well as offering freight services.

Mr Gideon Okoli was employed on the 30th of September 2020 as an Operational Manager, and not as a Marketing Executive as he claimed in his false “cry out”. The employee contract below outlines this:

It is important to note that as the company’s Operational Manager, Gideon Okoli supervises, manages all field activities, and communicates with vendors directly on behalf of the company.

Gideon Okoli resigned on the 17th Of June 2021 via a WhatsApp message without a prior notice, and has since refused to handover the company’s ID card, company’s operational expenses bank card, company’s operational car (Toyota Corolla 2004 KTU 442GD) which were all in his possession as the Operational Manager.

However, he dropped a handover letter with our front desk officer, and it included little information that is not relevant and enough for this investigation.

In the wake of Gideon Okoli's resignation, the Ressortir Global management discovered several misappropriations of funds in its operational expenses, which Gideon Okoli was directly responsible for and a case of car theft.

As soon as the management learned of the issue, its legal teams, Ezuma Law Chambers, Abuja, and Black And Grey Attorneys, Lagos, were notified.

The management issued a disclaimer to alert the public as directed by its legal luminaries, and went further with its investigation by consulting an external auditor that clearly stated several misappropriations in the company’s finances.

A petition through the company’s Abuja Legal team was submitted at the office of the Deputy Inspector of Police on the 21st of June 2021, requesting Mr Gideon Okoli and another employee to be investigated.

The petition was also submitted at Panti police station, but Gideon Okoli has refused to cooperate with the police and took to social media to drop a false narrative, playing the victim card and we see this as a way to delay justice.

We have outlined this to show that the company has followed all due process to investigate these issues and misappropriations that point in the direction of Mr. Gideon Okoli, following his abrupt resignation.

In several instances, Gideon Okoli has made false allegations against the company and its Managing Director, Oladayo Timothy. The company, through its legal luminaries, debunk all allegations leveled against the Managing Director, and are working effectively with the police.

The case is being handled legally, and the general public will be notified in due time.





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