The former 2nd Vice-president of Nigeria Bar Association, NBA, Monday Ubani has refuted allegations that he is behind the smear campaign against Akwa Ibom state Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, Resident Electoral Commissioner, Mike Igini.

Ubani also denied being part of any team that allegedly doctored an audio confession of one of the witnesses at the ongoing Akwa Ibom election tribunal. Speaking with Vanguard, Ubani said that the reports in the social media about his alleged role in the smear campaign against Igini and the doctored audio clip are untrue and an attempt to tarnish his image.

He said: “Someone just brought the thrash to my attention. I have never and will never be behind any smear campaign against anyone, much less, my friend, Mike Igini.

This is the greatest lie of the century. “Also, the story of bribing any judge now or before is from the pit of hell. If these guys are going to lose their case, why must I be the person that will be used for this ignoble purpose?

“Can you imagine someone sitting down to write pure imaginary story,  sort of  cock and bull story about doing an audio video about someone I do not know about and have never met in my life? Ubani continued saying, “I have never received any money from Akpabio or any other person to do anything as alleged.

“For the records, Akpabio is my friend. We became friends when he was the governor of Akwa Ibom State for the eight years he was in power.

When he lost the election and filed the action in the Tribunal, I offered to join his legal team lead by Sunday Ameh, SAN to participate in the proceedings.

He  gladly and graciously welcomed me. Since then, I have been doing that but I am  not part of his media team.

“He did not pay me any legal fees for this case because I did not demand any.

He only pays my transportation and accommodation any time I am around for the matter which has been progressively very well.

“The day the said Dr Williams gave evidence, I was not in court because I missed my flight. I don’t know the man and so could not have been involved in getting audio of him with any lady.

I do not know the lady either.

“The good God I am serving knows that I did not know how the audio was obtained or who obtained it. 

I am not lying about this.  People should not use the laxity on laws governing social media to spread lies and engage in character assassination of persons they know they cannot pull down.

The God of Justice and truth, who will judge all mankind at the close of age, come and bear me witness of the statement I have penciled down here.”

He further said that Mike Igini, who is a personal friend, should not be deceived into making imaginary enemies.

He also advised INEC to ensure that they defend their results at the Tribunal without looking for anyone to pull down.

“If Mr Igini has evidence of anyone that is trying to destroy his name, he has a remedy in law of tort or even in criminal proceedings,” he concluded.



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