Prof. Sarah Anyanwu, the President, Nigeria Economic Society, on Monday in Abuja urged all tiers of government to implement policies designed to address unemployment in the country.

Anyanwu made the call at the inauguration of the African Development Bank report entitled “Creating Descent Jobs-Strategies, Policies and Instruments”.

Anyanwu described the growing rate of unemployment in the country as a pressing challenge that required strategic measures to combat.

According to her, the country needs to tackle the current 23.1 per cent unemployment rate to reduce crime in the society.

She also said that there were so many indecent jobs in the country.

“It is important to address underemployment in the country.

“Nigeria does not lack policies, but what we lack is the capacity to faithfully and religiously implement policies and programmes designed to create decent jobs,’’ Anyanwu said.

While expressing concern that the youth population was increasing, she also decried the number of job losses.

“There must be greater attention to population policy and if necessary it can be reviewed.

“If the population continues to grow without commensurate jobs being created, it may be a problem.’’

She said that available data from the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics (NBS) shows that 63.1 jobs were lost in 2018 Q3.

Anyanwu said that there was the need to avoid repeating policies but focus on monitoring and evaluating what had been put in the existing policies.

“This can serve as a catalyst for the desired change toward addressing unemployment at a sustainable level,’’ she said.

While stressing the need to invest more in human capital and development, Anyanwu disclosed that the Nigeria University Commission had directed universities in the country to introduce entrepreneurial studies.

Anyanwu, also a lecturer at the Department of Economics, University of Abuja, said the study would be crucial in empowering students in vocational studies.

“It is going to adopt theoretical and practical aspects and every student is expected to take the course compulsorily.

“It will enable them to acquire vocational skills so that when they go to the labour market, they won’t be looking for government jobs.

“This is essential to tackle unemployment in the country,” she said.


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