The Primate, Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), Nicholas Okoh, has attributed the upsurge in crime, immorality and other social vices in Nigeria to “loose” families produced loose children.

The Primate observed that many Nigerian families are partially disintegrated and disunited due to socioeconomic reasons, irreconcilable issues or other selfish interests of the family members.

Primate Okoh, speaking at a service of confirmation and admission of women into the women’s guild and mothers’ union at St. James Church, Asokoro, Abuja, challenged churches in Nigeria to rescue the posterity of Nigeria through godliness and a sustained campaign for a godly home and decent child upbringing.

He said that the objective of the women’s and mothers’ guild is to uphold Christ’s teachings on godly marriages, and to strongly promote a wider understanding of God’s purpose for marriage and family.

He added that the guild was designed to encourage parents to bring up their children in the faith and life of the church, maintain fellowship of Christians united in prayer, promote conditions favourable for stable family life, protect children, and also help families with adversity.

He highlighted the role of government particularly in providing equal opportunities for all Nigerians to enjoy good governance.

“Undoubtedly, morals form the pillars of any standing and prosperous community or nation. A sense of knowing the right and wrong thing is needed for progress of any community. Good deeds must be appreciated while [the opposite] should be punished to serve as deterrent to others,” the clergyman said.

“Urban migration has not helped matters too. Its effect has eaten deep into the unity of families. In most cases, husband and wife live in different locations due to several reasons. In such cases, the family is loose and the children are loose as well.

“Churches should, therefore, encourage families to stay together, maintain godliness, closeness and regular communication. That would enhance the morals of children in the family so they can be useful to the society.”

Primate Okoh reminded government of their responsibilities in terms of the security and welfare of citizens. “If security breaks down to the point that regions, individuals, form own security system, then we are finished. We hope it won’t get to that point,” he said.

He appreciated the success made so far in containing the excesses of the Boko Haram Islamist insurgents which, he said, has led to the significant drop in cases of bomb explosions in Abuja and elsewhere in Nigeria.


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