Popular Nigeria Publisher and event host, Mr Sunny Anderson Osiebe , has returned the sum of 98million naira which was mistakenly transferred into his account by an agency which owes him money. While narrating the situation to StatePress he says, “On Monday I got a call from the company that some money was mistakenly transferred into my account . So I went to the bank, withdrew N98,000 and took it to the company .When I got there, they told me that it was N98million that was transferred to my account, not N98,000. I followed them to the bank and it was there I confirmed that it was actually N98million".

He continued, "As a man of integrity, I didn’t want to start arguing with them.  So I went and confirmed it, I decided that I was going to transfer the money back to them but my bank told me I can’t transfer the money at that moment, which was on Monday. So on Tuesday morning, I went to the bank and did the transfer. The company confirmed receiving the 98 million mistakenly paid into my account”. 

He also noted that the company, U-Sylva Construction Company has promised to compensate him, but until now he hasn't seen any compensation. But he says, "Compensation is not important to me, what is important to me is the message I have been able to pass across through my gesture that we still have honest Nigerians in the country. If they compensate, good. If they don’t, I have moved on with my life”.
Doing the best you can for yourself and for everyone who needs your help is enough good-deeds by any man. Mr. Sunny indeed proved the reputability in his personality and the dignity in his integrity with the action he took. Sunny also told our reporter the eventful play out of things happened during tempting-times, when he was actually having some financial challenges, but didn't allow that to truncate his integrity and reputation.
Nigerians have bombed the social media applauding the honesty and reputability of Mr. Sunny, some other attacked him for being so nice, while a majority praised him for the sincere gesture. In a reaction from Alex Nwankwo, while reacting to the action by his colleague and friend, he quoted a line from Neva Romaine's poem Good Deeds, he says "Good Deeds are quite precious very powerful things. They are filled with compassion, See the hope that they bring, they can not be corrupted, you can't buy them with cash, they are gifts, they are blessings and they come in a flash".

Mr Sunny Anderson Osiebe , Is the publisher of Nigeria leading legislative magazine (the Hallowmace Magazine), Convener of Nigeria Legislative Conference, MD/CEO Hallomace Legislative Award, Founder Hallowmace Foundation, MD Omab Communications limited and former Producer at One Mic Louder.



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