We are in the era where we need to go out of the box to proffer innovative solutions to the security challenges the Federation Nigeria is faced with. 

The ideology to engage the locals in the security of our rural people within the southwest region is what Amotekun Security outfit promotes. 

Amotekun is not and will never seek to shoulder its power with the national security Programs, neither will it backdown in securing the southwest region for any reasons. 

Amotekun is the pride of the Oodua' people descendants across the Southwest region Of Nigeria Territorial hemisphere, and as huge as the security lacuna in the Federation; regional security remains the only beacon to tackle security challenges our nation is faced with. 
And on behave of the entire Oodua Youths Network and gbògbò òmò Káarò Õjíire, we commend Arewa Youth Consultative Forum for the postulation that " Amotekun will promote community policing" Alhaji Yerima Shetima's suport for the established agency is heartily applauded by the entire youths of Yoruba descendants both home and in the Diaspora. 

However, we will not be frightened by any Socio-Cultural Organizations and their affiliates to disregard the efforts put in place by the six Southwest Governors, the DAWN Commission, the Southwest Elders , our Royal Fathers and our amiable association of Olode's (the local hunters) In securing the lives and properties of the yoruba people. 

We are brave, strong and ready to defend our territorial integrity against external forces with intention to undermine the security of our people. 

It's disheartening to realize that In this era of incessant insecurity the nation is faced with, a personality of such a reputable standard could make move to discredit nationhood efforts with intention to close the gap of insecurity in the nation. 
The entire people of Yoruba descendants both home and in the Diaspora is fully in support of DAWN Commission and Southwest Governors in the developing legalities as challenged by the Federal Government through the office of the Attorney General for the Federation, by declaring Amotekun an illegal organization. 

As the rhythm is unplugged, we will stand our ground to support our leaders to win this fight against democratic existence, constitutional blackmail and a calculated attempt to disregard the decision of the Southwest people and our leaders; we take it personal, and we demand the Attorney General to retrace his steps and render apologies for character assassination against the Southwest leaders as well as to withdraw their statement that "Amotekun is an illegal organization" for we are ready to support Amotekun and the Southwest governors in the court of law till the end. 

In the spirit of Nation State Nigeria, and for development and peace of our nation, we employ the yoruba youth and people to stand up in the fight against our ethno-cultural existency and undermining the unanimous decision of the southwest people that promote local security and community policing initiative. 

God bless Nigeria, 
Omo Oodua eshe' giri' 


FBI Oyefeso 
For the entire 
Oodua Youth Networks


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