For the first time in the political administrative history of democratic leadership in Nigeria, the entire citizens of a notable senatorial zone have come out to demand that their illustrious son, Dr  Godwin Maduka joins the governorship race for Anambra's biggest political seat in Awka, the state capital. The people believe that leaders are born, and not made.

Their reasons for this clarion call is hinged on the precipice of the current political standing in Anambra state, and Dr Maduka's extraordinarily patriotic disposition, and immeasurable humanitarian assistance to the people of Orumba north and south of Anambra state. 

Born in the year 1959, Dr Godwin Maduka started his early education in 
Nawfia Comprehensive Secondary school and All saints Grammar school  before immigrating to USA for further education. He attended Rust College Holly Springs Mississippi with bachelor's degree in chemistry, then studied at Mercer University School of Pharmacy with Doctorate degrees in pharmacy and pharmacology. Still determined for academic excellence, Maduka proceeded to University of Tennessee school of Medicine and bagged Doctorate degree in medicine and finally post graduate medical training from Harvard Medical School, Boston Massachusetts

His outstanding academic excellence and qualifications made him a consummate technocrat in the medical profession in the United States of America. He practiced medicine to the top echelon of the profession, acquiring various degrees and professional certificates in related areas in the medical profession.

As a born philanthropist and the divine caretaker of the common people, Dr Godwin Maduka has touched life in  so many ways. His Infrastructural development in Orumba is equal to none. Here is a man who has built schools, hospitals, courts, civic centers and astonishing Infrastructural projects more than any government in Nigeria. He did all these without expecting anything from the people. His scholarship awards to indigent students remain an astounding demonstration of charity to many lover of philanthropic exercise.

When he singlehandedly built an estate for poor widows in the state, many people concluded that Dr Godwin Maduka is Messiah of the voiceless and underdogs of the society. 
The five star hotel he built in Anambra state is the perfect definition of the Igbo adage, which affirms thus: ' *Aku ruo Ulo, ya ka onye kpatara ya'*. His personal guest house in his Orumba north is a style definition of extreme taste in hospitality industry and appreciation. 
His Infrastructural projects have impacted on all major meaningful areas of human endeavor. 
All these he did to ensure that the people of Anambra state have decent and appreciable means of livelihood.

Despite all this overwhelming support, encouragement and humanitarian assistance Dr Godwin Maduka, the Lion Of African as he is known has splashed on his people, the masses of Orumba in Anambra state are not yet satisfied; they feel highly indebted to this son of theirs. 
The people have now remembered him at the most critical moment to drive the political vehicle of the state. In their moral estimation, there is no other person in Anambra state, who has the human feelings, patriotic disposition and astute administrative competence to pilot the political affairs of the state than this consummate medical technocrat, Dr Godwin Maduka, - Okosisi na Orumba.

The people and their youths under auspices of *ORUMBA GLOBAL YOUTHS NETWORK* are now calling on their illustrious son, Dr Godwin Maduka to venture into social engineering through Politics. They are also calling on well-meaning sons and daughters of Orumba to join hands in making this dream a profound reality.

With this outstanding electoral value and unbeatable philanthropic rating, Dr Godwin Maduka appears the most politically clean and trusted gubernatorial choice of the people of Anambra state for the 2021 Governorship election.



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