_By: Onwurah Chinonso Anthony (Equity Lawyer)_
Energy plays the most vital role in the economic development, growth and progress as well as poverty eradication and security of any nation. Uninterrupted energy supply is a vital issue for all countries today. Future economic growth crucially depends on the long-term availability of energy from sources that are affordable, accessible, and environmental friendly. Energy is an important factor in all the sectors of any country's economy. The standard of living of any country can be directly related to the per capita energy consumption. The per capita energy consumption is a measure of the per capita income as well as a measure of the prosperity of a nation.
The energy crisis, which has engulfed Nigeria for over two decades, has been enormous and has largely contributed to the incidence of increasing poverty by paralyzing industrial, commercial and other economic activities during this period. Apart from the huge revenue losses, it has also resulted in health hazards due to the exposure to carbon emissions caused by constant use of 'backyard generators' in different households and business enterprises.   Unemployment and high cost of living are also attributable to  deterioration in the supplies of energy to both the business entities and households respectively. .
To solve the issue of insufficient energy supply in Anambra State, I will if given the chance to lead  Anambra State  adopt renewable energy system to improve the ever increasing demand for energy especially by the industrial sector.
Renewable energy has an important role to play in meeting the future energy needs in both the rural and urban areas. The development and utilization of renewable energy will be given a high priority under my watch as the Governor of Anambra State, especially in the light of increased awareness of the adverse environmental impacts of fossil-based generation. The need for sustainable energy is rapidly increasing in the world. A widespread use of renewable energy is important for achieving sustainability in the energy sector in both developing and industrialized countries.
Anambra is blessed with a large amount of renewable natural resources, which when fully developed and utilized, will lead to poverty reduction and sustainable development.
"Renewable energy resources and technologies are a key component of sustainable development and my Administration will adopt it if I become the Governor" Dr. Maduka.
To achieve Renewable Energy and Sustainable development in Anambra State my Administration will do the following:
A comprehensive and coherent energy policy is essential in guiding the citizens towards an efficient usage of its energy resources.
Promote energy-efficient products and appropriate practices at the side of the end users and energy generation.
Create awareness on renewable energy and energy efficiency.
Establish an agency to promote the use of energy-efficient products and ensure the appropriate practices.
Develop and imbibe energy efficiency technologies.
Establish a testing and standards laboratory for renewable energy technologies.
Take advantage of global partnerships, such as the Residential Energy Efficiency Project initiative of UK, to assist Anambra State in a creative integration of Renewable Energy System.
Establish a renewable energy funding/financing agency


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