Famous international and indigenous Nigeria social investment group ,"OMC", has held its official induction in Abuja. The official set was held on the 2nd of February 2020, during which the members were officially inducted and presented with their Certificate of Membership.

With a global perspective to remain unequivocally supportive and instrumental in the growth and development of members of the brotherhood, OMC successfully inducted over 18 members and confirmed few members into new offices with staff of authority to uphold their membership and offices respectively.
Some of the members who were inducted and appointed into new offices included Nwugha Emeka Mac-Victor as President and the 0.1 of OMC, Hon. Enetime Government as the Vice-President and 0.2 of OMC), Victor Baba as the Executive Secretary and Stainless Ikechukwu Precious as the Chief Soloist of OMC. 

Other inducted members are Idris Kassim Musa, Onwunarugwu Ndubisi Joseph, Ernest Anyanwu, Uchenna Simon, Hon. Leader Joseph Onus, Biebara Destiny, Alex Nwankwo, Bob Anasi, Olufunso Alexandre Ajabonna, Ekpo Eno Ekpenyong, Alekwe Obiageli Victoria White, Promise Ebichi, Henry Gbenoba and Charles Femi Onus.
According to sources, a staff of office was presented to the President who is the 0.1 and also the Vice President who is the 0.2 of the group. The OMC group which recently reunited after months of dissolution and unresolved differences may have bounced back with more vigour and unity of purpose. Though the recently held elections of the group recorded some complications, as some sensitive positions were contested unopposed as contenders stepped-down for the others.

The group may have encountered several challenges over the years, but today its stronger, united, focused and envisioned with greatness to promote members of the brotherhood across limitless opportunities and supports



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