Nigeria's Abuja Court has recorded 4000 divorce applications in 2020. It is too high considering that we are in the third month of the year 2020.

The post was shared by one @Sandraorokodo on Twitter. She wrote;

"4000 divorce applications in Abuja already and the year just started. Some of these marriages are less than a year old. What's really happening?"

This led to a conversation among Twitter users about the reasons why most marriages crash within the first and second year.

Below are a few captured;
@evidencebyme wrote: "Many believe that marriage is a finished product given to them to go and enjoy. Never realizing it is project handed over to you to complete and you derives you joy in the process of turning it to finished product".

@Nwaegbe wrote: "The inability to realize that marriage is hard work & the lack of awareness that the first two years or thereabouts is usually fraught with tension that needs to be carefully navigated with the support of family & well-meaning friends".

@realtitotobi: "This right here is the point. This thing takes a conscious decision to work on it, no matter what. But today's generation, after one argument, someone is already asking, should I leave? another is already comparing with their friends".

@TheOlivia: "Men insist on being the kind of husbands their fathers were but women no longer want to be the kind of wives their mothers were. There lies the problem. One day, one party will yield. Until then, get your coins sis".

@iKhannnnn: "A generation with failed marriages who always attack the generation with a more successful marriage. But they will never accept this fact because they feel they know better. What's that argument? '


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