By.. Ugoeze Ogochukwu 

The consciousness within the rank and file and major stakeholders of our party is to wrench power from APGA in Anambra state. This was what prompted the invitation of the VP *Prof. Yemi Osinbajo* to Awka for the APC Roundtable talk with  party members and stakeholders last year.. It was a fruitful one as everyone unabashedly expressed their pent-up anger, frustrations and wishes on how to grow the party.. 

While we went home happy that a solution will soon be found for all the myriads of problems bedeviling the state chapter, lo and behold, it is still mounting up. While it is an accepted norm that intra party politicking, horsetrading and maneuvering are normal, but to openly canvass and support effort to sabotage the party in future and subsequent elections is to say the least the lowest someone can go as a politician. 

Presently, alliances and political bridges are been built. Friends and realignment are been made.. New and strong politicians from other political parties are slowly converging and tilting towards APC with the intent of building even a stronger party towards one objective; To wrestle power away from APGA in Anambra state yet one thing is even more confusing. While all these efforts are  on, some are still sulking in the background and swearing that the party will never see success unless they are the candidate. Some are here only in name. There purpose for still been here is to sabotage and pull the party down. Mistakes were made in the past, no doubt : those who swore not to work for the interest of all no matter the persuasion are better left to pursue their dreams elsewhere. You can not be here and there at the same time. 

There are still some who have sworn  oaths not to stand with the party and must do everything possible to sabotage the party in the coming elections if their candidate is not the one nominated .. There are still some who are partly in APC and partly in other parties .. Their body language gives them away most times yet they want to be trusted with positions of authority and influence. Such are not obtainable..

Anambra State Chapter of APC as it is presently been positioned can not afford to toy with the chance of clinching power come 2021.. The coast is clear for all party members to horse trade and get the best concession for themselves for a true party candidate to emerge for that race..

We can only achieve this with one united body and consciousness .


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