Dubai is one of the cities that make up the UAE, Dubai along with Abu Dhabi controls 80% of wealth in the country.

Dubai with a population of 3.3million people and oil and gas deposit worth billions of dollars Dubai has utilized its wealth for the benefit of the country.

From the ashes of poverty Dubai has emerged as the most beautiful and most visited city in the world with over 40million people visiting the country either for business or pleasure, it has positioned itself as the tourist capital of the whole world.
200yrs ago this city was merely a fishing village even as far back a 1960s and 1970s this city can only be compared with subsaharan African countries,with billions of dollars invested in manufacturing, health, education, tourism the country in just a short period of time Dubai can rival any city from the America,Asia and Europe.

There are many iconic building in Dubai but notably is the tallest building in the whole wide world,The Burj khalifa built by the Korean construction giant and maker of smart phone….. Samsung with billions of dollars and even though half of this building is empty it also generate money through tourism after all who wouldn't want to see the tallest building in the world.

Dubai even though they suffer geographical disadvantage have in recent times diversified their economy from oil and gas to manufacturing and tourism.

In recent times this miracle of a city has been a subject of debate over its treatment of immigrants workers, some reports claimed that the working conditions of these immigrants mostly from India, Pakistan, Philippines and other African countries are very bad and their employers don't seem to care.

Dubai has been accused of modern day slavery, human trafficking and other vices of which their media in most cases has reported to be untrue.

Today we bring you a full gallery of pictures that proves that Dubai is not what it seems in the media.



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