Valentine Ozigbo, a Nigerian business mogul and philanthropist, on Saturday, March 28, 2020, implemented a social responsibility Coronavirus Street Awareness Campaign in his home state of Anambra to help combat the spread of coronavirus, and ensure the well-being of Anambra indigenes and residents.

The outreach program which was co-ordinated by Chineto Ozigbo Foundation took place across Anambra state in over 50 markets such as Afia Ogboye, Post Office Onitsha, Megafu market by Oguta Road, Afia Ogboye, Main Market, Afia Obeleagu, Ose market, Emeka Ofor Plaza, Afia Ogbommanu, Ogbo-oye Market, and tens of other markets across the state.

Valentine Ozigbo distributed educational fliers and 15,000 bottles of hand sanitizers to market women and traders. The fliers have a simple and powerful message. They clearly spell out what Covid-19 is, what the symptoms are, and 6 steps people can take to protect themselves from contracting coronavirus.

His awareness campaign outreach created the required awareness on the pandemic and gave market women and traders an insight into coronavirus, and how people can take responsibility to protect themselves, their families, and their community from the spread of the pandemic.

Market women, young traders, and all the market traders who received the fliers and hand sanitizers across numerous markets in Anambra welcomed the timely intervention of Valentine Ozigbo. Some market women reported that they were getting the facts for the first time and it would help them immensely to protect themselves and their families.

Some traders who received the materials noted that stopping the spread will require community action and that Mr. Valentine Ozigbo's contribution to this community action will save lives and protect their well-being.

The Street Awareness Campaign is in line with Ozigbo's passion for empowering women, youths and small businesses, and promoting the success and well-being of people who drive economic growth.

Izuchukwu Oraelosi, the Chineto Ozigbo Foundation's general manager giving out a box of hand sanitizers in Anambra on March 28, 2020 

He has championed this personally as well as through his foundation, the Chineto Ozigbo Foundation, through a combination of grants, mentorship, and talent development, and also implementing programs to solve social problems. Coronavirus is a problem that threatens the life and livelihood of Nigerians, including Anambra indigenes and residents.

Regarding the successful outreach program, Ozigbo stated "with over 21,000 dead and over 500,000 infected in this global epidemic, there is a lot of fear and uncertainty in the country right now," and "information is vital and can make a difference between life and death".

Izuchukwu Oraelosi, the Chineto Ozigbo Foundation's general manager, in responding to questions on the outcome of the successful awareness campaign said: "The program was successful, and thousands of people responded by saying they are now better equipped".



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