As tension continues to rise over the required interventions and direction of action by the federal government in containing the Covid19 pandemic in Nigeria, the Wallidira Fulani Initiative for Peace and Orientation have called on more interventions in the rural and ruga settlements, especially in areas of awareness and diagnosis to ensure that it's members(Fulani) are considered in full priority, as a result of their vulnerability, interactions and sensitivity.

In a statement released and signed by Alh. Yusuf Ardo, the National President of Wallidira Fulani Initiative for Peace and Orientation, he noted that its members especially in the ruga settlements where now being exposed to economic struggles, hunger, social stagnation and psychological drifts, which may pose a greater threat in the fight to combat the Covid19 Pandemic in Nigeria. He further noted that the message of sensitization,  use of disinfectants and other health hazard observed under the Disaster Management Act or Quarantine Act is not observed within the precepts of this rural groups, need-less to say of the  privileges  and  incentives  given to less-privileged and handicapped persons. 

In the statement, Mr. Ardo however noted that our generation is presently faced with a threat that is 10 times more potential than our conventional modern day science and stressed on the need to better magnify the problem in a bigger light and sought out any means to solving it, instead of merely looking at it without any feasible sense of purpose, sense of duty or optimism, as it may endanger the very existence of an industrious generation. Ardo described the situation as apparently a third World War, with an army that is not visible to the naked eye. He further challenged leaders and citizens to ensure that all hands are on deck, stressing that the shutdown developments may not sufficiently be the way out, if the situation persists.

He emphasized on the sustainability and capacity of the Nigeria government to hold-up on the recent emergency economic stimulus bill passed  by the National Assembly on tax relief, import free duty on medical and pharmaceutical materials to the country and stipend given to the less-privileged and vulnerable households by the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs. He encouraged the federal government to initiate a coalition that will equilaterally engage citizen and build a work force that will come from different volunteer groups, as the volunteers services would be regarded and described as the "soldiers of fortune". He suggested that the coalition will sustainably focus on areas like agriculture/faming, environmental sanitation/disinfection, food distribution, scarcity and production mechanism for livestocks.

The National President stated emphatically that its Members need to be  included  in the fight and control of the spread of Covid-19 Pandemic, stressing that there have been eventualities whereby it's members in he rural areas visited the market without knowing the reasons behind the closure of market and mosque's (worship centers) and most of them are found coughing and exchanging pleasantries with each other as usual. 

The National President of the Fulani initiative have continued to support and promote advocacy and sustainability programs for the predominant Fulani people in Nigeria, who deserves equal rights and considerations like every other citizen of the country. He finally stated that what is good for the goose is also good for the gander.


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