IN ANAMBRA- Haven conquered the medical world, Dr. Godwin Maduka is willing to replicate the innate values that has enabled his success in the medical sector in the governance of Anambra State if given the opportunity to serve. 

As an international business man and world class medical expert, he is well exposed, travelled and has gathered enormous knowledge, experiences and contacts from his interactions with world class leaders.

He has equally shown competence and  intrinsic leadership skills and ability to transform his blueprint into practicable formations as he has demonstrated in his business and medical profession success story. This is the ingenious quality that Ndi Anambra need at this auspicious time. 

Dr. Maduka simply ventured into politics with a strong belief that he has a role to play in transforming Anambra into a buoyant and pacesetting economy in Nigeria. This he has done at community levels with least support from the Government. 

The problems of our society demand resourceful leadership with practical solutions, actions and innovative ideas to do things differently. Fortunately, Dr. Maduka is widely recognized as a visionary and purposeful leader hence our trust in him that he will change things for better.

Prior to now, Dr. Godwin Maduka in his own little ways has verifiably demonstrated the good plans he has for Anambra as contained in his blueprint. This is a further proof that his quest to govern Anambra State is simply borne out of the honest and altruistic desire to make things better for the masses.

Our problems as a people require a pragmatic and holistic approach to solve them. Dr. Maduka  is undoubtedly the panacea with the capacity and capability to address the woes of Ndi Anambra and set the State on the next level. 

He is willing and committed to this course and is only soliciting our support  and solidarity as the task of reconstructing Anambra is a collective one. 

Ndi Anambra let us unanimously support Dr. Maduka in his quest to transform Anambra State.

_By: Onwurah Chinonso Anthony(Equity Lawyer)._



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