NCDC Denies Spending N1bn On SMS, Says It's Fake News

It appears that fake news peddlers will stop at nothing to undermine the fight against the coronavirus from the fake 5G conspiracy theory spread by educated illiterates to baseless assertion that Africans cannot the killed by the virus due to melanin and the hot temperature on the African continent.

Why it is true that politicians across board are sharing billions to imaginary citizens and ghosts the aim of these fake news peddlers is to divert the anger of Nigerians to the Nigerian center for disease control which has till this moment done a fantastic job in collaboration with health workers across Nigeria to keep the Country safe.

The News that NCDC has spent one Billion in sending text messages to Nigerians is FAKE! The center via its verified twitter handle has stated as follows "The headline claiming that NCDC has spent N1 billion on SMS to Nigerians is FALSE

While communication through SMS is a key part of our #COVID19 response strategy, this has been largely provided as in-kind support by @AirtelNigeria @MTNNG @GloWorld

During this pandemic let's do all to support NCDC and healthcare workers who are risking their lives and the well-being of the families to rid the nation of Covid 19.

Avoid spreading fake and unverified news on the pandemic, stay safe, keep washing your hands , maintain a safe social distance & hygiene. In the end we will overcome!

May God Help Us to Help Ourselves

The headline claiming that NCDC has spent N1 billion on SMS to Nigerians is FALSE


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