In view of the recent Covid19 outbreak across the globe, a renowned social investment group in Nigeria "Owu Member Clan(OMC) with a global perspective to be relevant and supportive by promoting social health and safety has highlighted some the high, medium and low risk zones in Nigeria, as it encourages people to stay in he green zones to remain safe and at lower risk of contracting the severe acute respiratory infection.

In a statement released tabulating the risk-zones, using color descriptions, it noted that the red zone which was the high risk zones included areas like visiting hotels, public gatherings, funerals, weddings, street groupings, beaches, open air markets, Gyms, barbers shop, hospitals, bars and restaurants, hostels and food vendors, unauthorized access to isolation and quarantine centers, churches, mosques, house parties, sports facilities and many more.

The tabulated risk zones also spotlighted places and locations like supermarkets, banking halls, public transport, prisons, board meetings, interview panels, motorbikes, etc as the yellow zones with medium risk exposure to the covid19 pandemic. Locations that were highlighted as the green and safe zones includes staying at home, online interactions, private cars, gardening and home activities.

In the statement released, the Owu Member Clan encouraged peoples across Nigeria and Africa to maintain engagements within the green zone locations so to be safe and less exposed to the deadly covid19 pandemic which has already killed over thousands of the world's population.

According to the statement which was signed by Emeka Mac-Victor, the President and 0.1 of OMC social investment group, it encouraged members to live exemplary lives that will attract more awareness and education on the safety precautions and risk zones to contain the covid19 pandemic.

The Clan is headed by Nwugha Emeka Mac-Victor as President and the 0.1 of OMC, Hon. Enetime Government as the Vice-President and 0.2 of OMC), Victor Baba as the Executive Secretary and Stainless Ikechukwu Precious as the Chief Soloist of OMC. Other active members are Idris Kassim Musa, Onwunarugwu Ndubisi Joseph, Ernest Anyanwu, Uchenna Simon, Hon. Leader Joseph Onus, Biebara Destiny, Alex Nwankwo, Bob Anasi, Olufunso Alexandre Ajabonna, Ekpo Eno Ekpenyong, Alekwe Obiageli Victoria White, Promise Ebichi, Henry Gbenoba and Charles Femi Onus.

The leader and 0.1 Mr. Emeka has used the opportunity to called on Nigerians to celebrate the easter season while staying safe and adhering to FG social distance policy.



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