By Dr Emezie Madu.

There  are  written works  reeling in junk journalism making the rounds  which quoted some  Governorship aspirants under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP and their allies spewing falsehood against two outstanding sons of Anambra state Peter Obi and Dr Godwin Maduka, the Lion of Africa. 

Their conniving statements indicate that Peter Obi wants to hand over the party ticket to Dr Godwin Maduka. 

They  are so jittery about the candidature of Dr Godwin Maduka by cataloguing imaginary  shortcomings but it's understandable because The Lion of Africa represents commitment, industry, quality leadership, pragmatism and equity. 

In all these  spurious allegations one thing stands out, Dr Godwin Maduka and Peter Obi are one of a kind who will never dable into unwholesome practices 

It's obvious disgruntled elements and political jobbers  are fighting to deny Ndi Anambra a choice candidate for the next governorship election but this will be resisted by well meaning Anambrarians 

In  the annals of Nigerian history  evidence abounds  that technocrats perform better in governance than professional politicians

Peter Obi did well as a technocrat and Dr Godwin Maduka will do well as a technocrat. 

Most importantly nobody can rule out divine foresight or providence  in any context and God will surely win as his name Godwin depicts. 

Some of  those castigating Dr Godwin Maduka have been a psychological burden and a clog in the wheel of progress  in Anambra State. 

It may interest you to note that The Lion of Africa is the only Governorship aspirant with a blue print on how to govern Anambra State 

Any man who could build and successfully manage six first class hospitals in the United States definitely has a lot to offer Ndi Anambra more than any Governorship candidate.

Those aspirants  in governance at various levels  who are busy showing insufficient and ridiculing developmental  projects  done
do not realize that "to applaud a politician because he has built a school, hospital or road using public money is the same as congratulating an ATM machine for giving you your money"

Unfortunately none of them has  built a school or a Church but they are busy buying wheel barrows and initiating bills that have not been passed and implemented as policies

In the case of Dr Godwin Maduka he is not promising what to do but has done so much which he wants to replicate in the entire state. 

Ndi Anambra should rise against those who want to push them further backward by engaging in name calling and costly distractions 

Let stakeholders ensure that this election is issue based for the right candidate to emerge victorious.

 *#RightChoice #RightTime*


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