In just few days to the remarkable Presidential election in the United States Of America, the parties fielding candidates in the election, Republican, and Democrats have reached out to the leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele for divine assistance from God through him for victory at the polls.

This is coming after Primate Ayodele gave a spiritual advice to both parties and candidates in July on what they should work on that can ensure victory for them at the polls.

For Donald Trump, He asked him to do what is proper and strategize.

'' Donald Trump can will the elections if he strategize and do what is proper.

If democrat want to win, they must capitalize on Donald Trump's weakness and work so much on Ohaio, California, pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Colorado These are the areas that can give them victory, Trump may lose if they follow that trend'

For Joe Biden, He asked him to use Trump's weakness against him.

'Joe biden must be focused and work on the mistakes of Donald trump to be victorious. He must not relax at anytime because Trump will come up with a very strong strategy three weeks to the election and it can give him victory but if he can stand very firm, he will be victorious.

Trump will come up with a very strong scandal against him and the Democrats , they should use his weakness and free talk against him''

The election in the country will be holding on Tuesday, 3rd Of November 2020 and the two contenders are Donald Trump from the Republican party, and Joe Biden, from the Democratic party.

Meanwhile, Primate Ayodele was one of the prophets who prophesied Trump's victory in 2015, as reported in credible news platforms.


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