Nigerian prolific writer, Tosyne2much has coming again, drawing people's attention to the ten categories of guys that are members of "The Stingy Guys Association of Nigeria"

1. Broke Guys

When a movement like this is birthed you should know that those that will carry it on their heads the most are usually the broke guys. Many guys are not only unhappy with the economy state of the country, they are also unhappy that it's becoming harder to find a life partner due to the materialistic nature of ladies of nowadays

Since the Stingy guys movement started, broke guys have been using it as an avenue to unleash mayhem and throw tantrums at both materialistic ladies and the innocent ones

2. Frustrated/Broken Heart Guys

Some guys have had horrible relationship experiences in the past and have given up on love. They've made up their minds that they're done with relationship and nothing can ever change their decision. Such guys have been at the forefront supporting the this movement passionately with their time and resources

3. Guys that have been Defrauded by Ladies

The movement has been an avenue for some guys to unleash their bottled up frustration probably because they've once invested so much in a lady thinking they would get sex in return but they ended up being outsmarted and defrauded and they felt like a loser. Such guys have been making sure that this movement trends on social media. Some of them already have ID cards and are already making for others

4. Stingy Guys

Some guys are so stingy that they consider it waste of money or resources to express their love with gifts. Since they do not like to give, they have been passionately supporting this moment and are making plans of how The Stingy Guys Association of Nigeria would be registered under CAC

5. Unemployed/Idle Guys

Since this movement is to encourage stingy and frown upon any guy spending money on ladies, the moment has been a celebration galore for guys who don't have any source of income to finance or manage a relationship, especially when it has to do with going on outing or helping their girlfriends in times of need

6.Single Guys

If you're a very observant like me (Tosyne2much) you must have observed that most of the guys who are part of this association are not in relationships. Sadly, most of them do not have girlfriends

7. Trolls

With the way The Stingy Men Association Nigeria is going, this could easily result in civil war because trolls seem to have hijacked this movement. You can see them on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter heaping abusive words on women while the radical ones even go as far as raining curses on all women

8. Sex Starved Guys

Some sex guys have pledge their allegiance as members of the association to support the movement due to the fact that ladies are seriously countering men's stinginess with withheld vagina, telling them that masturbation is free and that sex doll is available and actually more safer and less expensive.

9. Those who support it for fun

Some guys don't even know the reason why they found themselves in the association. Not that their girlfriends are materialistic or they've once been defrauded, they just find themselves joining the crowd

10. Guys with entitlement mentality

I'm not the disputing the fact that some ladies are overly selfish, stingy, materialistic and liability in nature but the bitter truth is that some guys are not different. Some guys also carry entitlement mentality like some ladies and are ready to drain their partner financially. Such guys are members of this association

I drop my at this juncture

Feel free to add yours


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