With anger rising across the continent at the slow delivery of coronavirus vaccines, one Italian politician has had an idea: a sex strike until the drug companies sort out the mess and deliver what they promised.

Ferruccio Sansa, a regional lawmaker from Liguria, suggested on Facebook a boycott of Pfizer drugs such as Tavor (which stops you from being anxious) and Viagra (same).

Pfizer-and-BioTech in November 2020,. announced its vaccine candidate was found to be more than 90% effective against COVID-19 in first interim analysis.

(the giant of the vaccine and VIAGRA)

Boycott Viagra and Tavor? We would be a little less sparkling and more anxious. But who knows that it may not be a weapon to defeat the colossus PFIZER. The one that had to provide us with millions of vaccines while instead the doses come with the dropper.

Let's get to the point: Pfizer and AstraZeneca announce huge delays in delivery of doses. The vaccination campaign and thousands of lives are at risk. The elderly will have to wait many months. How could that happen? In many, see today's Fatto Quotidiano, now they believe that vaccines go to the countries that pay the most.

It is argued - because the contracts are all classified - that Israel paid 28 euros per dose against the 14.5 in Europe. Il Fatto writes: in April in Israel all citizens over 16 years could be vaccinated.

What can states do? Sure, there are legal actions. But they are slow and complex. There remains the way to claim the patents of the drug to produce it in large quantities.

Experts of the caliber of Silvio Garattini are asking for it, because there are serious and urgent public health reasons. And then these vaccines have also been developed with huge public funding.

But so far the fate of our health remains in the hands of big pharma.

But what if none of these weapons are effective? Citizens perhaps have another weapon in their hands: 'boycott' the companies that sent us vaccines with a dropper.

Pfizer, to say, is a giant known in the world because it produces VIAGRA among others (which has restored vigor not only to males, but also to budgets). Not to mention Tavor and Xanax, the kings of anxiolytics, the best-selling drugs in America. And then products against hypertension, hemorrhoids and not so nice company.

Perhaps this is the way to put pressure on the drug giants. Like the Greek women who in Aristophanes' Lysistrata went on a sex strike to force men to stop waging war.

Do we have a 'sex strike' too? Stop the VIAGRA, but also other Pfizer drugs and maybe Astra Zeneca? Tell us what you think.

Ps. And anyway, for those who just don't want or can do without them, there are generic medicines.


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