With the recent DNA Challenge trending on social media and across several online news platforms in Nigeria, lots of Nigerians have become more conscious about resemblance and DNA tests. Recently, a young Nigerian Man arrested the entire social media environment, thereby creating controversial moments, as he releases pictures of himself, comparing his semblance to that of famous Nollywood veteran Actor, Kanayo O. Kanayo.

The issue which is currently trending on the media has recorded several reactions from Nigerians, as some persons suggested setting up a committee to investigate the issue, others requested that questions must be thrown at the parents of the boy, while other are of the opinion that the claim be disregarded, claiming that it was a mere media propaganda.

According to a post by one Mr. Obyno Nwankwo, who claimed to have similar facial looks with popular Nollywood Actor, Kanayo O. Kanayo, narrated that during his GS classes, friends and classmates were used to calling him Kanayo O. Kanayo. He therefore released a collaged photo of himself and Actor Kanayo, requesting the public to determine the semblance between the duo.

The post also requested an advice from the public on whether to arrest popular Nollywood Actor Kanayo O. Kanayo; order for a DNA test and get the him back home, or perhaps maintain calm as that he was merely mimicked. However, there has been loads of supports, objections, critics and other reactions from the post released few days ago.


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