The most anticipated Launch and Fund Raising Ceremony of Tagwaye Foundation has been held in Abuja over the weekend, recording the presence of notable personalities, Representatives from several public and private institutions within Nigeria and from across Africa. The ceremony was held on the 27th of February 2021 at Banquet Hall, NAF Conference Center, Abuja.

According to AbujaPress, Tagwaye Foundation was launched amidst massive celebrations, as it provides educational opportunities for out of school and in school children, skill acquisition for youth, Empowerment for widows,Orphans and less privileged persons across Nigeria. The event of the launch and fundraising of Tagwaye Foundation witnessed a panel session for Keynote Speakers and Panelists, which includes former FCT Minister Rtd. Gen. Jeremiah Useni, Jason Dibiamaka, Habibah Shehu, Jalima Onyekehi, Dr. Ahmed Adamu, Madeleine Winkler, Dr. Henry Dumbiri, Rukayya Iyayi, amongst other notable Personalities.

The double session occasion recorded articulated and educative discussions as well as extensive deliberations on notable topics, cutting across Child Education (What must be done), Education; Restructuring Education in Rural Areas and Cost of illiteracy in Nigeria. Other Symposium discussions were also held during the first session.

The official, colourful and amazing launch of Tagwaye Foundation followed  after the panel session. While making his Official address at the event, MC Tagwaye popularly known as Mr President passionately buttressed on the need to support and lift Nigerians from poverty especially the Orphans, less Privileged Persons and widows. In his words " For me to get better, I have to make other people better themselves.
It is easy to manipulate an Illiterate because Education makes you reason while Illiteracy gives you reasons without reasoning".

Also speaking with guests and invitees during the and after the event, they commended the Founder of Tagwaye Foundation for coming up with such a potentially impactful Initiative, targeted at building bridges for underprivileged persons, providing hope to the hopeless and suggesting sustainable pathways for the resuscitation of child related sectors in Nigeria.


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