In Nigeria, one of the fast rising Brand Influencer and PR expert, Ms Jennifer Etito has narrated an inspiring life experience, with regards to how she conquered failure, thereby exploring the challenging situation that shaped her life to become a better person and a successful social media Enterpreneur.

In an exclusive chat with StatePress Correspondent, Jennifer Etito told us how failure had shaped her life to become a better version of herself. She described how it all started, especially during the most difficult times of her life, when she experienced a failed marriage and was left the Hobson's choice of nursing her new born child in critical depression and emptiness. 

She explained how she had to stay awake most times and all night crying and blaming God for the critical condition which she was enmeshed in, until she discovered the path to a new life through Social media influencing and digital Marketing. At that point she enrolled for online courses and acquired certifications in the skill of social media influencing and Marketing.

She then designed and established her personal brand which she called Naija Brand Influencer. She developed this new brand with the zeal and envisioned goal of transforming start up brands to mega brand. Ms. Jennifer Etito noted emphatically that her biggest motivation was the the thoughts of the challenging situations which she had earlier been faced with and made her pushed harder.

Few years later her Organization started growing with exceptional considerations on the successes and sales which her promotional strategies attracted for her Clients. Few months ago she recognised as Africa Royalty Brand Influencer of the Year. Today She is on the fast on the path of success, because she remained unequivocally inspired by the challenges which was faced with in the past.

Today, Ms. Jennifer Etito has adviced the Nigerians to be sometimes appreciative of failures, as it may be God's way of pushing them towards their actual purpose. She says, " Right now I look back and thank God for everything and me this far, because my pain was the sacrifice to my success. She therefore concluded by advising the younger generation to never loose hope in whatever situation they find their self.


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