Across the world, there has been an increased rate of persons suffering from anxiety related challenges and illnesses, which led to the kickstart of an educational and enlightenment program by a US based Nigerian Doctor, Ikenna Ihim. According to reports gathered by our Reporter, Dr. Ikenna is critically concerned about the spate of increase in anxiety related disorders.

In his most recent post Dr. Ikenna stated that approximately 40million Americans suffers from Anxiety related disorders, as he spotlights reasons why the problem is prevailing. In his post he stated that most people suffer from the problems caused by anxiety but they are unaware that it is a component of depression.

Dr. Ikenna Ihim stressed that anxiety is one of the most common mental health disorders bothering humanity and especially Americans.  He further stated that his undeterred contribution in areas of awareness campaigns on mental health, as he would continue to enlighten people on the way forward, thereby educating them on ways to stymie anxiety and maintain a good mental health.

Seen in his campaign post on anxiety, he was wearing teal colored medical scrubs as a symbol of his contribution in the fight against mental health disorders.

The award winning young  physician is a passionate medical doctor, with a vision to ensure that his professional career creates impact and influence improvements in the life and health of persons across the world. His works and contributions has remained indelible, commendable and most importantly indefatigable, with a zeal to make a difference across the globe and esoeciat in the United States of America.



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