If you are active on social media, one trending issue is the issue of snakes entering water closets and toilets. When you think of it, it seems like such an impossible thing to happen.

However, sorry to disappoint you, the fact is there is a possibility of snakes making it into your water closet or toilet. We shall look at how snakes can make their way into the water closet and toilet. After that, we shall look at some ways of preventing snakes from entering our WC or toilet.

Sequel to what happened in Abuja Airforce Base where an airwoman was bitten by a snake in her toilet & lost her life. It is advisable we pour salt or any other anti reptiles chemical in our toilet bowl to scare away any hidden reptile that might have gain access into the bowl.Cpd pic.twitter.com/5jUiM0qVlj

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How snakes enter water closet through ventilation pipes

Normally, ventilation pipes are created for most WCs or toilets. This is meant to regulate airflow to assure waste and water flows through pipes that drain out of your house.

However, when the ventilation pipes are left uncovered, snakes can make their way through the top. Especially when there are trees surrounding the pipe. When there are trees around your house, they can make their way to the rooftop and then make their way through any available hole.

How snakes enter water closet by Slithering from below

Where our faecal matter gets collected is the favourite place for rats or mice. And as you all know, these mammals are one of the favourite food for snakes. So when there is a break in the sewer lines or a loose cover on your septic tank, snakes can easily pass through there to prey on these rats.

After which they can also slither their way through to your WC.

How snakes enter water closet through broken pipes

When pipes leading to the outside of the sewer or septic tank is broken, it is a good avenue for snakes to pass through to your toilet. Because of their ability to coil through any little space, just a little hole, and they can find their way through to your WC.

9 ways to prevent snakes from entering your water closet, toilet

Now, here are some 7 approved ways by which you can prevent snakes from entering your water closet or toilet:

1. Repair all broken pipes: Broken pipes are the easiest ways by which reptiles especially snakes can make their way to your water closet. So to prevent this, please make sure you check and repair all broken pipes from time to time. Also, endeavour to fix the thick pipes. Because rats can easily make holes in the thinner ones.

2. Cover your vents always: try and provide covering for your vent pipes. This is very necessary. As stated earlier, when trees are closer to the vents, snakes can make their way to the rooftop and then through these uncovered vents and straight in to your sewer. This also means that cut all trees around vents. Trim them immediately you see them overgrowing.

3. Cover your septic tanks: Most a times people leave their slabs loose or uncovered especially after their faecal matter is collected or a repair work is done.

When you do this, it is a way of granting access to reptiles to pay visit to you in your home. So to prevent this, always seal your septic tanks.

4. Periodically fumigate your sewage system: Once in a while, fumigate your sewage system. This will control and kill some of these dangerous reptiles residing beneath. You can do this disinfection periodically, for instance, every 6 months.

It is also said that a combination of salt and kerosene also does the magic. Try this too.

5. Pour salt mixed with kerosene in water closet: Reptiles do not love salt. So you can periodically pour salt in your water closet. This would prevent them from coming near.

6. Always check: before you sit on your WC, check and check well because you can't know when one snake or any other reptile is waiting to strike you.

7. Fix Non-returning valves: Get a plumber to fix non-returning valves to make sure nothing can enter back into the house except the moving away of your poo when you are done.

8. Clear bushes around your house: Bushes are good hiding place for snakes. Make sure you clear the bushes around so that they won't get the chance to lurk around.

9. Keep toilet lid closed all the time: you can also make use of a flat tile to cover your bathroom filter when you're not in the bathroom so as to stop any further movement of the reptile through the pipes and also ensure that all pipes are well fixed and closed


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