Pastor Wesley Arome, an Abuja based Pastor and gospeller has once again unravel the hidden truths in miracle Money controversies that dominated the Nigerian Media space in recent times

Pastor Wesley Arome, an Abuja based Pastor and gospeller has once again unravel the hidden truths in miracle Money controversies that dominated the Nigerian Media space in recent times.

The clergyman who gave greater insight into the subject matter via his Facebook page wrote:

A friend sent a short video of a young “Prophet” who claimed to be doing Miracle Money, etc, to me during the early hours of last Saturday. It was so fake. I almost wept at the gullibility of Church folks, looking at how desperately every worshipper raised his/her phone for Miracle Alerts. I squirmed, wondering how christians could be so desperate.

Before going further I would like to clarify here that we will not be very right to jettison the possibilities for Miracle Money. It could happen, but it will be a Spectacular Supernatural, because it interrupts a system and principle. Remember, God designed the earth to run on principles, not miracles.

There could be cases of Supernatural interruptions of nature, but that will be rare. Think of the Sun standing still; the ravens feeding Elijah; Jesus feeding 5000 people with 5 loaves of bread and two fishes; bringing out money from the mouth of the fish; Philip appearing in Samaria without any physical means of transport, etc. Those things happened, but they rare occurrences.

I’ve heard of genuine supernatural interventions in people’s finances and lives. A close pal had his 5 million naira loan written off by a commercial bank because they said he had finished paying, going by their records. Meanwhile, he never paid anything. A pastor who was owing a school authority had his debt cleared supernaturally. The school authority told him he was up to date with his fees. A major dent on my car bonnet which required a panel beater and a painter to fix was supernaturally fixed and painted in 2013. I believe in spectacular manifestations, but they are not meant to be regular, ubiquitous occurrences, and to be very sincere with you, the supernatural has been terribly abused and messed up in our time.

The Brook dried up and the raven stopped bringing food; manna ceased; Jesus didn’t do Miracle Food Service in his ministry; he didn’t command an ass to appear when he wanted to go to Jerusalem; none of the apostles vanished and reappeared again, not even apostle Paul, who had a very tight travel schedule. This is because the earth was designed to run on principles and systems, and God doesn’t just interrupt those systems, except in rare cases, for reasons best known to him.

God uses people to reach out to people- that’s the system. God uses systems to lift people. He uses the system of work and reward to bless people. The same God that prescribed work as the principle of life cannot begin to credit people’s accounts recklessly without any work done. God will not break his word, not even in this generation.

My pain with this generation is that we are too gullible. We love strange stories too badly. We love cheap stuffs and stories too much.

Have you ever asked yourself why the pastor who is declaring Miracle Money Crusade will still call for prophet’s offering at the end of the meeting? Why is the Miracle Money thing only so prevalent in Africa? Why are angels only crediting people’s accounts, why are they not dropping cash under peoples pillows and in wardrobes? Why did the angels wait until banks initiated the Alerts technology before they started putting money in people’s accounts? Why do people receive as small as 4k, 3k alerts from angels? Is it for recharge card?

Also using ritual(Blood Money) to explain the possibility of Miracle Money is a very lame defence. For short, even ritual money does not drop through bank alerts; they drop in cash. Stop those desperate defences.

Now, this is Miracle Money:

Your uncle credits your account just about when you needed to pay school fees. An old friend sends money to you enough to pay your rent while you were thinking of how to renew your rent. You won a bank’s lottery just when you needed a change of car, etc. Your financial/material miracles are in someone’s hands.

Now to the believer:

This new rave for Miracle money and the rush to share testimonies have destroyed our Christian values. Instead of returning missing items, we will go and share testimonies of breakthrough. Instead of verifying alerts or waiting until we know the source, we just give thanks to God and start spending. This is shameful.

A friend’s wife working in a new generation bank mistakenly credited someone’s account with 850k. The person quickly withdrew the money and refused to refund till today. She had to painstakingly pay back. And that guy was a Christian. My wife’s client mistakenly credited someone’s account some two years ago with about 400k; the guy used the money and refused to refund, even though the error was discovered within 24 hours. Where did we send our conscience to?

In 2012 a young man gave a testimony of how angels credited his account with 1.5m in an Abuja Church. The narration was very detailed with dates, time and amount. Meanwhile, the bank cashier that made that mistake was in the same Church at the time holding unto God for his intervention, because he was under fire from his bank. At the end, the records were put straight and the guy had to refund the money. But they never came back to the alter to clarify again.

If you are trusting God God for Miracle money, stop stretching your phone from Church to Church, rather pray for God to bless the works of your hands; pray for people to favour you greatly; pray for business ideas that will enhance your fortunes, and pray to be guided to do the right investments.

Enjoy grace. He concluded.



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