As the race towards the upcoming 2023 presidential elections heats up, a new wave of youth rallies has been springing up across the country, further intensifying demands that Vice President Yemi Osinbajo declare interest to run for the Office of the President, Federal Republic of Nigeria. 

In the most-talked-about events of the past week, three rallies featuring a massive crowd of Nigerians have been spotted first in Ilorin, Kwara state, again in Lafia, Nasarawa state, and more recently at the ATB Stadium in Bauchi state. Further investigations reveal that a group named the Higher Nigeria Movement (HNM) is behind these rallies picking up steam across the country. These rallies consist mostly of Nigerian youths and women who have been seen marching and flooding the streets chanting, singing and urging the Vice President to run for president in the 2023 general elections. “We have all seen the work he has done as Vice President and that alone gives us confidence in what he could do if given the chance. He is the man for the job” said a young rally attendee in Kwara state who asked to be anonymous. 

Speaking to newsmen at the rally in Lafia, the group’s local coordinator – Inuwa Abubakar – said the Higher Nigeria Movement is a growing national body of Nigerians who identify as supporters of the Vice President. The group is also a collective of millions of individuals around the country who have either been beneficiaries of programmes initiated or run by the Vice President, or simply have a strong belief in his candidacy and track record as the best for Nigeria. 

As the presidential air gets thicker with candidates like Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Peter Obi making their intentions known, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo is yet to make an announcement despite a nationwide demand for an Osinbajo ticket come 2023. This, however, has not deterred the group as one of the rally conveners in Bauchi informed newsmen that these three rallies are only the beginning. “We expect him to come out soon. But until then, we want him to know that there are millions of Nigerians who support and believe in him and are waiting for him. There are more rallies coming up in all states and we have no intention of stopping anytime soon,” he said.



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