We of the above organisation and being a joint CSO, wish to commend President Muhammadu Buhari for finally signing the Electoral Act Amendment Bill into law. We also commend the National Assembly, Civil Society Organisations, and all Nigerians that insisted that we deserve a new law that will guarantee fairer elections in 2023 and beyond

This new Electoral Act will bring us closer to having free, fair, and peaceful elections where people’s votes will count and where the majority will have their way and the minority will have their say. For too long, the old electoral law had been part of the problem. We can now seek to elect our leaders having in mind the current challenges facing our country.

However why we are celebrating over this new electoral law,  another abberation of the former electoral act and new electoral act with substantial violations of the provisions of Nigeria constitution (1999 as amended in 2011),again took place and happened this week.which  is the appointment of professor Gumus Rhoda, A supposedly apc member from Bayelsa state, who was appointed as an inec commissioner after resolutions from the Senate of Nigeria National assembly and swear into office forthwith by the president of Federal Republic of nigeria.

The above issue bring into fore, where are we going then with even the assent of new electoral act and process. Which is the effect that even with the implementation of the new electoral act, We seem not to be making any progress and we must act fast and save our electoral process from all incursions and abnormalities . As just as it is with ex presidential aide,Mrs Lauretta onuochie nomination as an inec commissioner,  that was later rescinded and nullified,so it is also now the same with professor Rhoda gumus nomination as also an inec commissioner. We cannot continue like this in this country and in that regard, Samuel ihensekhien jnr, a seasoned  electoral and human rights lawyer have been instructed accordingly to by a suit filed by way of public interest litigation,  accordingly seek redress in this regard, in respect of the abberation and gross violation of our new electoral act and cfrn by all parties as stated aforementioned. We asked all progressives to join us in this episcopal case, as we pray for  the success of same.



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