Our studies have revealed that the recent surge in car theft is due to the high exchange rate between the Naira and the Dollar and the dwindling purchasing power has made importation of car very expensive and above the reach of middle income earners.

Statistics has shown that 85%-90% of stolen vehicles in Nigeria and 60% of vehicles stolen in neighbouring African countries are re-sold here in Nigeria either wholly(Direct Belgium or as Tokumbo) or in parts, which implies that Nigeria is a lucrative Market for stolen cars. Some unscrupulous Car dealers are now in the habit of mixing stolen cars with imported cars and selling them off to unsuspecting customers.

This is why we are encouraging people to report their stolen cars so we do upload it to our data base (ITS ABSOLUTELY FREE) and make sure the public is notified that the car they wish to purchase is stolen. This will, on the long run discourage car theft if there is no market to sell it.


carreport.com.ng is a not for profit community service outfit which seeks to eliminate, eradicate or reduce to the barest minimum the ability of people to sell stolen vehicles here in Nigeria.

carreport.com.ng is currently populating its database with records of stolen vehicles in Nigeria. We are calling on members of the public who have had their car or a friend or a relations car stolen to visit our site www.carreport.com.ng and document it electronically so as to make it difficult to re-sell such cars here in Nigeria. IT’S ABSOLUTELY FREE

With reported cases of stolen vehicles trickling in by the day below I have tried to arrange the data into tables to help Car owners know which city and type of car which is most likely to be stolen.

(Please note that the source of data is from our database which is updated every day when cars are reported stolen)

Statistics from our Data base ranked Abuja highest in reported cases of Car theft across the federation with 27.2% ; Lagos State 16.2%, Rivers State 12.5%; Abia State 10.47%; Kaduna State 8.15% amongst other states.

Of the reported cars stolen, our findings show that Toyota products ranked top of the list with 56.4%; Honda ranked second with 20.5%; while Mazda ranked third with 10.26%.

A further analysis of the brand of cars stolen shows that the Toyota Camry ranked highest with 30.3% of reported stolen cars; while Honda Accord ranked second with 16.67%; Toyota Highlander and Toyota Corolla ranked third and fourth respectively with 15.15% and 6.57%.

Source: carreport.com.ng database



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