Legacy Transformation Initiative, a policy formulation and analysis hub has lamented inducement of delegates by Nigerian politicians as seen in the just concluded primary election held by the opposition Peoples Democratic Party. 

The non-partisan group which made this known in a statement signed by Ibe Aniemeke Lawson, its national coordinator was appreciative of Nigerian youths for the non-violent atmosphere during the primary elections processes.

It is also called on the ruling the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) not to toe the path of the PDP. It said it will be a stain on the reputation of the party of its delegates are induced monetarily as it was in the case of the opposition party. 

Going further, the group admonished Nigerian leaders over the non inclusion of the youths in the electoral process despite the enacted law backing it. 

The group urged politicians to adopt and initiate pragmatic frameworks and activities that will encourage and incentivize the youths to politics. 

Part of the statement read: "One of such ways is to deliberately as a matter of necessity re-engineer our leadership recruitment process. Of immediate attention is the need to demonetise the methods for delegate selection or nomination through the adoption of stringent guidelines that emphasize on the strength of character, experience and leadership qualities of candidates to inform the choice of delegate in choosing party's flag bearers. 

Only when this is entrenched as a party culture can the youths and credible people aspire and eventually emerge to represent the mass of us. 

This is particularly worrisome, with several reports that made the rounds of the charade and open market bidding processes that allegedly characterized the opposition PDP Presidential Congress. This was reinforced as expressed and captured by one of the PDP Presidential aspirants, Dr Hayatu deen (a seasoned banker)- who had to step down on account of the over monetization of the process.

 "Thirdly, accordingly, we prescribed that the "it is time" the ruling party (APC) is offered a golden opportunity come 6th -7th June 2022 to assuage the traumatized Nigerians- especially our teeming youths who saw that infamy perpetrated by the PDP by correcting the wrongs. The APC can engender itself among Nigerians through this narrow window their Presidential Congress affords by conducting the primary congress devoid of monetary inducements and the characterising of an eventual winner as the highest bidder in the process. 

Thus, we appeal on behalf other numerous patriots that by adopting or voting Prof Yemi Osinbajo (GCON)- whom we have by our earlier press statement characterised from our studies as the most suitable and capable of the rest of the qualified aspirants on the APC primary election ballot. A man who is evidently and manifestly is NOT a money bag, a pious and prudent character that his profile set him apart from other contenders and whose aspirations resonates with the youths and mass of Nigerians; as well as the international community. We must emphasize with all sense of conviction that the APC will endear itself to Nigerians, heartily and boldly adjudge itself as truly "progressive" as the appellation which it claims if they elect to do this. 

Equally, by seizing the onerous opportunity of adopting or overwhelmingly/unanimously electing Prof. Yemi Osinbajo (GCON) the APC delegates/leadership would deliberately with all sense of patriotism avert the strain on the Naira and the correlating inflationary impact on the Nigeria economy a second tortious pull of the strong dollar against a weak naira at this time. We are afraid to note and conclude that if the APC fails to seize this moment nor neglects to react to the PDP's primary election debacle and the reputation it has infamously earned by doing something different, Nigerians may continue in the erroneous classification that all the parties are only different between six and half a dozen.

Lastly, dear patriotic APC delegates and party chieftain, It Is Time as history beckons as you all stand to be counted. All Nigerians present and future hopes lies in your hands to choose PYO for a greater and prosperous Nigeria for all of us.


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