Actor Chinmwetalu Agu has stated he was attacked spiritually with arrows of pins, bullets and sea stones.

He said he had to see a prophet, who through prayers, removed the items from his chest, shoulder and neck regions.

He claimed the attack was an attempt to cripple his health and make him non-functional.

He also said he kept seeing himself dead and buried in dreams. “In fact I was asleep, I was even seeing myself five feet under the ground,” he stressed.

The 66-year-old, in a video on Instagram, said: “Why I am drawing your attention this very moment is to show you what is on this table. Arrows of different types. We have an arrow of cowry, sea stones and pins. They are uncountable now. This is a key, the prophet who brought this out of my body was discussing this key. And I asked since they removed this key out of my chest, my heart region, did they mean to block my heart? Because anybody whose heart is not functioning is no longer alive.
“Look at bullets too. All these came out from my chest, shoulder, and neck region. Some are purely sea stones brought for the purpose of killing this child of God.

“When we saw this mirror, we were calculating that the enemy had sent all these, to kill me. Then they brought a mirror to show them what was still holding Chinwetala alive. That’s the mirror here. All these are hand works of the enemy.

“But the truth is that, once you are with God, nobody can harm you, however powerful his weapons are. I see myself as an agent of the Lord to help humanity to save those I can save from being killed by the enemy just as God has saved me from being killed by these people. In fact I was asleep, I was even seeing myself five feet under the ground.

“Glory be to the Father and to the son and to the Holy Spirit for this wondrous act. For this miracle.”


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