Ohanaeze Ndigbo social cultural organization, Imo state chapter has called on the two major Political parties in Nigeria to nominate their party members from South East geopolitical zone as presidential candidates of their Political parties for 2023 presidential election.
Imo state chapter of Ohanaeze made this declaration through their President, Ambassador Azunna Akpelu on Monday, 14th May, 2022.

Ambassador Akpelu said the fact that the 2023 Presidential election should be an exclusive electoral contest for Ndigbo is no longer arguable, considering the reality that only the South East remains the geopolitical zone in the southern Nigeria that is yet to produce a President of Nigeria under a democratic system, and in tandem with the federal character provision as enshrined in our constitution.
Ohanaeze president said, those clamoring for North East Presidency after a northern president from North West are mischief makers, who should not be taken seriously as he described them as anti NIGERIA's unity, peace and progress. OHANAEZE ndigbo President further argued that the rotation of Nigeria presidency since 1999 has been between the south and the north, but not between south to south or north to north in a roll, adding that those mischief makers, who want to destroy the unity of this country are now scheming but pretending to be lovers of one NIGERIA.

Recalling a historical precedence to the democratic process in Nigeria, where the Paramount need for equity and Justice had necessitated a compulsory situation for balancing of Political Power through a special electoral arrangement, Ambassador Azunna Akpelu cited the 1999 presidential election, which was left for only the South West geopolitical zone, making it possible for only the Yoruba ethnic group to be flag bearers of  the two major Political parties of PDP and APP. Chief Olusegu Obasanjo and Chief Olu Falae, all of Yoruba origin were major contenders. At the end of that federal character based election, Chief Obasanjo became Nigeria's president.

The Imo Ohanaeze president continued that after 8 years of obasanjo's regime, Nigerian politicians institutionalized rotation of power through Zoning of Presidency, when in 2007, the presidential election was exclusively zoned to the north, making it possible for Alhaji Musa Yardua, General Buhari and Atiku Abubakar, all of Northern extraction to enjoy the ring of NIGERIA'S presidential election. That election produced Yardua as the president of Nigeria.

A similar senario played out again in 2019, the whole Nigeria allowed only president Buhari and Atiku Abubakar to be candidates of the two major Political parties in Nigeria, talking about APC and PDP.
Ambassador Akpelu patriotically called on Nigerians to prevail on the two major Political parties, PDP and APC to ensure that Nigerians of Igbo extraction emerge as the flag bearers of the respective parties for the coming 2023 Presidential election so as to insure equity and fairness to all zones as confirmed by Pa EDWIN CLARK OF PANDEF.
According to Ohanaeze, this is the only way Nigeria would show to Ndigbo that they are part and parcel of the country called Nigeria.

In a special display of interest based on popular opinion of Ndigbo and Nigerians in general, according to the OPINION POLLS conducted by OHANAEZE Ndigbo Imo state Chapter Chaired by High Chief SILAS EGBE the Deputy President of Imo OHANAEZE, Co Chaired by Chief Patrick Ugwuegbu (Maroque), but put together by Mazi K.C Eletuo, Secretary and Comrade VAL IGWEBUIKE, the state publicity secretary of Ohaneze; Ambassador Akpelu specifically called on PDP to do everything patriotically possible to ensure that Mr Peter Obi emerges winner of their party's presidential primary election. He said that the profile and pedegree of Mr Peter Obi singles him out as the man, who has what it takes to repair and restore the viciously battered Nigeria's socio-political condition. 
He also pleaded with APC to elect Patriotic NIGERIAN son of IGBO extraction in the person of Dr Emeka Nwajuba to give Ndigbo the true impression that we are one Nigeria in practice and not in theory. 

From all indications, according to Azunna Akpelu, Nigerians of all geopolitical zones want Peter Obi to be their president in 2023. He advised PDP to make their victory easy and possible by allowing the man with the magic wand to flag their party color in the upcoming 2023 presidential election as in his opinion, this will repair the cancerous agitation going on in the whole country since  peter is a peacemaker, and Nigeria situation needs a man of his type and character to manage our collective affairs.


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