By Val Igwebuike

Cheap and shameless men from the Southern Nigeria are being paid by over desperate northern politicians to use agitation for  South East presidency to return Political Power back to the north after the eight years of disastrous Political administration by  Buhari, who is a fulani man from the north.
These shameless and cheap sycophants from the Southern Nigeria, who are championing the dirty crusade that if the South East presidency can be supported by the Southern Nigeria politicians , let power go back to the north are the major enemies of Ndigbo and the Southern Nigeria in general.

These Political jobbers and economic beggars should be informed that it is Politically contemptible to contemplate of another fulani man from the north becoming the next president of Nigeria immediately after Buhari's gross and devastating Political leadership, which has brought the contraption nicknamed Nigeria to a miserable ànd near Irredeemably backward sociopolitical standing.

The fact must be overtly stressed out, which is the north can not rule Nigeria from 2023. That dream is disastrous to the political continuity of the federation known as Nigeria.
For all intents and purposes, and in all ramifications or circumstances, Nigeria should be ruled by a President of Igbo extraction in South East geopolitical zone.

This is what it should be for the needed peace and Political tranquility, and for the sake of Justice and Equity in the country.
Anything short of this will rock the already shaky Political foundation of the unstable federation.
What is more, Nigerian citizens have suffered terrible and unbearable situations under the draconic rule of the fulani man, Muhammadu Buhari, who is also from the northern part of the country. The excruciating torments from the government of Buhari are: 
From unemployment to acute hunger, from total lack of electricity to power all economic investments to extreme absence of health care system, from ravaging infrastructural deficit to total closure of higher education, from hyper inflation to none affordability of anything meaningful to life, and from strangulating insecurity to daily harvest of death in Nigeria. 

So, it becomes highly questionable and Politically challenging that other fulani men from the same north are presently warming up to take over the seat of power in Nigeria in 2033, not considering the reality that they are trying to deflate the beauty of our constitution and other internal arrangements of the various Political parties in the country, which institutionalized rotation of power between the north and south for the Political administration of Nigeria. 
Zoning of Political offices, including the presidency, is a sacrosanct resolve of all major Political parties in Nigeria. 
The 2023 presidential election won't be different.
The presidency must be zoned to the Southern Nigeria and narrowed down to the South East, the only geopolitical zone that is yet to occupy the Aso Rock under a democratic Political arrangement.
This is the right thing to do to ensure that the political tripod of this country does not break.
Allowing the unbridled desperation of the presidential gladiators from the north to submerge the collective national interest of the people of Nigeria, shall amount to greatest disservice to humanity.
Using shameless Political jobbers and economic sycophants to sell the callous ambition of the north in their unbridled quest for the retention of Political power immediately after Buhari will produce grave and regrettable outcome. It must be pointed out, and equally be made crystal clear that no part of the country can win presidential election without the rest.
Those, who claim to love Nigeria more than others should without delay call on all presidential gladiators from the north, who are eyeing the office of Mr. President to make a rethink and consider the unity of the country, placing the interest of Nigeria above their personal ambition and selfish interest.


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