Time has come for young persons which makes up 70% of the nations population to rise from their comfort zones and be part of the process to make the nation great by being part of the resolve to elect credible leaders that will work for the interest of over 200 million Nigerians, this is according to the organisers of Nigeria Youth Decide. 

Scheduled to take place on Independence Day October 1, 2022 at Sheraton Hotels Abuja, this event seeks to raise the consciousness of the youths on the enormous roles they have to play in entrenching THE NIGERIAN DREAM 

Speaking with our correspondent in Abuja on Wednesday, the lead organiser and a United Nations Ambassador  DR Utchay Odims(PHD) said the forum will be an opportunity to sensitise, deliberate and enlighten youths towards the 2023 general elections and beyond.

He said there were jobs after Independence for citizens even before their graduation, noting that some Nigerian leaders today schooled on scholarship overseas. 

He expressed dissatisfaction that the tide has changed negatively as unemployment and joblessness ravages across the country. 

"Youths are suffering for sins that have been committed and all starts and ends with leadership. 

"Now we are talking about the new Nigeria that the people want. That is why it is tagged 'NIGERIA YOUTH DECIDE". It is time to take our destinies in their hands and decide who governs us for the next four, eight years and beyond. 

"Young people are tired. They want to build a world class nation they can call their own. We are doing it in the areas of ICT, entertainment and other critical sectors it's only in leadership that we are backward. It won't be business as usual."

According to Dr utchay Odims, youths have shown resilience to make the difference with their voting power and ability to vote for credible leaders who have what it takes to change the narratives for good.

He said, "THE NIGERIA YOUTH DECIDE"platform is  non political and doesn't intend to be one in future. It is a platform to actively participate in choosing who becomes the PRESIDENT of the Federal Republic of NIGERIA, individuals who become GOVERNORS as well as the National and States ASSEMBLY members.

"Our vision is to positively influence the election for true leaders to emerge, the kind of leaders Nigeria have been waiting for all these years and mobilising the Nigerian youths across the States to participate fully in the electioneering process" he said.

According to Dr utchay, the discourse around politics should be moved away from social media to the street where the decision is made.

He insists that the people's lives and destinies will no longer be molested by power brokers who do not have much to offer the people, urging that all should stand up and be counted.

Participation is open to all youth leaders, youth advocates at home and in Diaspora to decide the future of the nation.

This event which is first of its kinds will have millions of participants from across the world both in-person and virtual.



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