A former president of national Igbo students union, Onyishi, Emmanuel Uchechukwu has unveiled his new company, Namale Global Services Ltd soliciting for patronage. 

The company which is into Real Estate Development and Management Services, Property Marketing and Management, Purchase or Acquisition Deal of Personal Estate, Information Technology Services, Installation & Maintenance of Communication ICT, Devices, and Marketing Cyber Café, Sales & Supply of Communication Equipment was formally opened on Tuesday amidst cheers and high expectations. 

The company located at No. 8 Araba Crescent Alakpere, Ketu, Lagos State also offers other array of services, including Building Design, Supplies/Procurement, Installations, Real Estate, Civil Engineering Services, Building, Maintenance and Rehabilitation works, Supply, Distribution, Trading, Importation & Exportation of General Goods.

Others are Real Estate Consultancy & Agency, Construction Works, Architectural Works, Building Materials, Import & Export & Services, Civil and Mechanical Engineering Works, Electrical & Electronics Engineering Works.

The rest are Project Design and Consultancy, Contract Procurement and Management, Real Estate Acquisition, Sales, Management & Development, Real Estate Surveying, Land Surveying, Agricultural Tech Inventions and Engineering Activities.

At the unveiling of the company, Onyishi, Emmanuel Uchechukwu assured that his company will offer quality and satisfactory service to clients. 

They can be reached via, +2347083670856, +2348066618775 [email protected]

Mr. Uchechukwu is a renowned students union leader who has since his days in the secondary school been involved in students activism.

He was the class prefect (Head boy of the class) from SS1 to SS3

He also served as the Chief Sergeant at arms of the senate of the National Council of Enugu state students worldwide.

He equally served as the chairman Coalition of non indigenous students, Benue state.

In interaction recently on what distinguishes his organisation from the rest, Mr. Uchechukwu said, "The aesthetic structure of a product is a basic component that drives the values of an idea deep into the minds of people, it is to this acknowledgment that God himself admired his creative work on the 6th and last day of creation.

"The beauty they say is in the eyes of the beholder is a value NAMALE global services limited hold close to heart. The deep imaginative thrust of the company is a quality that sets it miles apart from the rest.

"The company specialises in building designs that convey rightly the definition of beauty and class. For every building whose idea symbolises class, the physical manifestation is better realised if designed by NAMALE GLOBAL SERVICES LIMITED.

"The bourgeoning company deals in procurement and supplies of quality equipments as well as installations. As a tech savvy, the company ensures that the quality and style necessary in the projection of an idea is pursued vigorously, so that in the end, the reality on ground is as basic as the idea itself. This is where procurements and supplies come handy to cement specific relations.

"Agricultural tech inventions is also a core mandate of the company. The organization has indeed stood as a bridge to the global food crises, contributing significantly to the agricultural food chain in Nigeria, it renders professional services in this regard. The company intends to use agricultural tech inventions to help the lives of common farmers who work like a lions but eat like goats (earning little or nothing) and therefore unable to feed decently and invest significantly in the educational development of their wards.

"We are here to invent a new system that will change the face of agriculture in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large hereby eradicating poverty in the lives of common farmers and making the youths and average farmers to unleash the potentials embedded in commercial agricultural systems which promises greater economic sustainability and development compared to oil money.

"At NAMALE, We are looking for a global standard in all we don't look at just Nigeria but to be getting and executing Contracts all over the world

"Also interesting is the given that the company engages in real estate and general contracts. With the assumption of real estate as a profitable and life long venture, the company has assumed expert position providing positive and quality services for investors. NAMALE GLOBAL SERVICES LIMITED is a fast developing company whose mission is embedded in the sustainable development goals."



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