In a digital economy, having in-demand digital skills can mean having gold.

Young africans have taken up digital skills to legitimately earn a living and liberate themselves from the shackles of poor economic fortunes.

Mr Remedy Nwankwo is one of them. A top Nigerian Blogger who has changed his life through digital skills.

Remedy Nwankwo has also transformed many lives, raised many  young Nigerian millionaires through digital skills.

According to him, this is why he decided to start a digital academy.
To reach a larger population of young africans, bring them to the embrace of digital skills, transform them and reduce crime rates.

Skillar Academy is an online learning platform where he teaches profitable digital skills that pay learners in several ways.
In his statement, "Everyone is full of potentials, when empowered with the right skills.
Africans are not left out. 

When appropriately used, potential makes poverty a distant memory. 

We have set up a system to give knowledge, skill and hope, so your dreary days can be past. 

We have carefully selected african Experts in different digital skills to teach what they know and do to excel. You get the real deal!.

You now owe it to yourself to join and be dedicated to learning these skills for your personal and financial excellence."
A quick look at the platform, shows courses  that can help one create digital wealth.

● Fundamentals of Niche Blogging: When writing content, a niche blogger concentrates on a particular subject or area. 
Mr Remedy Nwankwo, a real-life example of phenomenal success in niche blogging, teaches this himself. 

In the course, you will learn profitable skills that will help you target a more specific audience on the web. 

A check on the Academy reveals that over 1,800 young africans have taken the Niche blogging course with excellent reviews.

● Smartphone Magic Designs: 
This course teaches how to create expert logos, posters, flyers, certificates, business cards, cover pages, product mock-ups, and YouTube thumbnails with your smartphone.
This course is completely free on skillar Academy.

● Facebook Ad Agency Workshop: You'll discover how to start an advertising agency with little money and no prior expertise. You can make a minimum of 250,000 NGN per month from this. 

You'll discover how to design branded emails and websites. 
You'll also learn how to use Facebook to attract high-profile clients without investing any money in advertising.

● The Facebook Income Formula: 
In this course, a professional blogger and online marketer would take you through how to turn your Facebook account into a reliable source of income monthly. 
Until you enroll in this course, you might never realize how much money your neglected Facebook account can generate.

● Social Media Management and Content Creation: 
This course teaches you will the different aspects of content creation, content marketing, conversion, and social media management in this course.
"In summary, each of these digital skills is distinct and advantageous to you. 
Pick one, learn, leverage technology and create a good stream of income for yourself. Visit Skillar Academy now, and get started," Mr Remedy Nwankwo recommended.


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