Facts have emerged that one Proff Ex, a middle-aged man whose nationality is shrouded in deep controversy was procured for a mischievous hatchet job against the founder, Mercy Land Deliverance Church, Warri Delta State, Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin. 

Proff Ex has in a recent video that surfaced online claimed that Prophet Fufeyin paid him a humongous sum of money, amounting to millions of naira to kill the case of imaginary baby lost which was choreographed in the premises of the church years back. 

Facts have revealed that the said Proff Ex has no means of livelihood but specialises in blackmailing people to extort, focusing mainly on Influential pastors across Africa. Our source revealed that those who are willing to pay him are spared from his cheap and evil blackmail while those who call the bluff of him are blackmailed. 

Remarkably however, the case of the imaginary child loss which involved one physically challenged person, Ruth Matthew has since been laid to rest as she by her own volition confessed that her child was not missing but only staged managed it to extort more money from the Prophet who has been looking after Ruth and her kids. 

Her senior kids when interviewed also said their brother, Testimony never missed and that all what their mother is saying about it are all lies. 

They also said it was not true that Prophet Jeremiah had ordered their mother out of his office when she first raised the false alarm of missing child. 

Prophet Fufeyin has however refused to be distracted by the evil antics of people as he has insisted that he is committed to serving the Lord who appointed him into the ministry 

Nigerians are therefore urged to ignore the mischievous Proffex as he represents only his stomach, even as the prophet gave him no kobo to kill any imaginary case of baby loss. 

Proffex is not related to the mother of the alleged lost child, Ruth. 

In a telephone conversation, Ruth was heard telling Proffex that Prophet Jeremiah sent soldiers to her community to harass her father, a claim that again has been busted as a lie by no other person than the father of Ruth himself. 

Proff Ex and Ruth are habitual liars with no iota of shame, trying in futility to destroy an anointed servant of God. 

Whatever the nefarious intention of Ruth are is yet to be known as she appears deeply committed to making a project out of attacking Prophet Fufeyin. 

Prophet Fufeyin has nothing to hide whatsoever and is not scared of anyone. The more they come the more God helps him to triumph over his adversaries. 

Recall that few years back, after successful negotiation with the buyers of her baby Testimony, Ruth sent the unsuspecting little boy to meet them (buyers) at the church gate while she stayed back during service watching from afar. 

The buyers who came in Keke had zoomed off with Testimony to an unknown destination. 

In a latest video, she confessed to lying against the Prophet, retracting her earlier statement where she claimed that Rev. Jeremiah Fufeyin walked her out when she raised a complain about her purported missing child.


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