As we get closer to the election date, I wish to advise that we examine carefully our choice of candidates and their political parties. 

First, there are political parties that have been in charge of our political space for more than twenty years now. 

The political administration of our state, Senatorial Zones, Federal constituencies and LGAs, under these two parties has witnessed worst decimation of all political and economic fabrics in our history. 

Each and everyone of us comes from a community or village. A movement around the villages in Imo State, particularly, our federal constituencies will show how structurally and psychologically damaged we are at present. There is virtually no good road in the entire Owerri and other places in the State. 

This terrible situation has resulted to unimaginable suffering to our people, who appear totally defenseless in the face of unbearable agonies, arising from the insensitive tyranny of the present government.


In the wisdom of a Chinese adage, 'If you want to development a people, Build roads'. One of the obvious indications of a contrived strategy to destroy a people, is the intentional disposition of a ruling class and the government to allow all roads in a political enclave to go bad and unmotorable. This way, the gradual decimation of the social, political and economic fabrics of that area is systematically achieved.


At this point, no meaningful human efforts to better that area can be realised. The people begin to exist, and not to live as normal humans. Social aggression becomes the order of the day. 

Educational resources and acquisition become meaningless. Brazen stealing of public funds by political office holders and civil servants becomes the norms and signature of public workers. Decay of social infrastructures and other government owned property can now be tolerated or even receive an applause. 

The mentality of the citizens have been tailored towards accepting anything, particularly unethical conducts as alternative to possible means of survival.

Social security is no longer the target of the government of the people by the people and for the people. The concept of SOCIAL CONTRACT is denied as the central essence of political administration under a democratic setting.


Extreme political rascality and brutal oppression of the people has become the banner of the ruling class. There appears to be no hope again for our suffering societies and the common people. 

All these are signs of bad political leadership occasioned by wrong electoral choices. 

Election is a future political investment, which must return two certain results - good leadership for good life or bad leadership for untold injustices, economic devastation, insecurity and general excruciating pains.

This is why we must meticulously study the candidates political parties are fronting as their flag bearers. Experience and sound educational background with proven administrative skills should be key considerations. 

The pedigree and profile of a candidate must be critically scrutinised by the electorates before the election day. We must not make another politically fatal mistakes this time around. 

Wealth acquisition or richness has never been a good criterion to measure suitability for elective positions. Sound education, proven professional proficiency, work experience and excellent moral disposition are key qualities and components of political administration in global rating.

And you will agree with me that the absence of all these in considering our political leaders is the bane of our current woes in our democratic practices. 

It is time we caused a paradigm shift in our style of politics, making everything possible to ensure we bring in decent characters into our political space. We can not continue this way.

This is the time to make sure that the labours of our heroes past do not go in vain. 

Labour party has come to do that for us. Labour is the only party with a political brand personality, who has come to create a new and functional Nigeria, where money and other resources will not be squandered by politicians without human feelings and sense of shame.


In labour party, you see politicians, who have not been contaminated or stained by the destructive ocean of PDP and APC. 

It is a well known saying that you can't get a new result by following old methods. 

Previous members of PDP with decent characters have all left the dirty party and joined the Labour Party. We can get nothing good from PDP and APC. They have offered all they have and know. And you have seen and experienced their deadly dividend of democracy. 

Our labours shall not be in vain only, when we make the right electoral choice by voting all candidates of the Labour Party to aid in the PETERISATION of a new Nigeria. 

Val Igwebuike 

Executive Director, Centre For Community Advancement and Investigative Reporting (CC-AIR)



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