Labour Party Presidential Candidate Mr Peter Obi stormed a youth International Conference in Enugu Friday declaring oil subsidy in Nigeria as an organized crime.

The International Conference, “Shaping the future,” was organised by International award winner Noel Alumona of the Boys Champions, at the Base Event Center, Independent Layout, Enugu.

Obi who came towards the end of the programme caused an uproar as the excited crowd went into wild jubilation.

He declared that those stealing oil in Nigeria are people in government stressing that tankers are needed to convey the oil, just as Government approval is needed for oil to come into Nigeria or go out.

Obi described the controversial oil subsidy as an organized crime.

He compared Nigeria to Pakistan which he said has about the same population with Nigeria yet consumes less than 50 percent of the figures being quoted in Nigeria.

When I come in as President I will remove those drinking that excess oil and give them water.

“We will do local refinery. Some people are doing it illegally, we will call them and streamline it so that it becomes legal.

He said; “The people I see here are the future of Nigeria, but nobody will build the country for you. You have to act like the CEO and decide who amongst the applicants will be employed in 2023. If you get it wrong, your future and that of the country is doomed.

“Today, everybody wants to go abroad. nobody stays where there is no hope. What drives the people’s future is hope.”

He noted that Nigeria is going through troubled times, “nobody is safe. We are not in control of your economy. Prices of goods and commodities continue to rise.”

All these he said are cumulative effects of bad governnace.

“Foreign debt has risen from $10bn to over $100 billion. We are in a mess. Unemployment has doubled, that goes with poverty.

“We know the problems, but how do we address it. We must elect a credible person. It’s not enough to make promises, we must verify all claims. No time for experiment. This is not the time to talk about party, but individual; competence.

Some are talking of structure, that is structure of criminality, that’s what we must remove. Nigeria must be secured.

“We Must invest in the youth, they are the feature of Nigeria. We must invest in you. We must feed ourselves.

“Nigeria has nothing to sell. The only oil we have, they are stealing it.

“This vehicle need a competent driver. Next year, is the time to begin to shape the future. The driver must be competent..

Don’t vote based on tribe or religion; it’s this same ethnic manipulations they have used to keep Nigeria where we are. Nigeria is collapsing.

“Nigerian youths hold me responsible, I will change this country,” Obi reassured



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