Former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, has given reason for having only two biological children.

Speaking during a media parley to mark his 32nd wedding anniversary recently, the renowned politician said he decided not to have many children in order to have the resources to train others.

He said : “I want to thank God and appreciate Him for the fruit of the marriage. Children are here. It was always a battle between me and my dad before he left us: ‘Why would you give birth to only two?’ I said ‘I want to stop there so I can train others’. Imagine if I had about seven, they would consume virtually everything I have and I wouldn’t have the opportunity to extend a helping hand to others. You know, in life, we were born to be helpers; not for us to live for us but to live for others.

“Look at the impact of Jesus Christ, merely 33 years on earth. Look at the impact, it has been generational. People have tried all manner of things to cut his fame into pieces but it has never worked. It has survived from generation to generation because he devoted everything that God gave Him to the service of humanity and that is why you can never erase Him, you can never cancel Him from history.

“I want to thank God not only for my wife but for the two kids. We have never had any issues with any of them except for occasional health challenges. I remember I told my son sometime that if there was anybody who wanted to serve God more in this house, it should be him. This is because as a young boy, he was taken on admission at Zankli and one day, the doctor called me and said he had been in a coma for more than two hours. Then she told me that he was still alive. I think she is the head of Zankli Hospital right now. She told me, ‘Young man, I have done the best I can but it is like there is no hope. Just prepare yourself and see what you can do after this but I don’t think your son is going to make it’. I held her hands and said, ‘okay, Doctor. Thank you very much’. It was towards Christmas like this, I remember very well. I said, ‘Now that you have done your best and nothing seems to be working, God will step in’. She said that she suspected that he had sickle cell and his genotype was SS. I said no, there was nothing impossible with God, ‘God will change his genotype’. I said, ‘You can go home; we are still here’. I went somewhere and quietly, I prayed: ‘God, you cannot disgrace me. I will not lose this child. Never! Except you don’t exist’. Shortly after I said the prayer, I went into the room and then somehow, my son just jerked up.

“Honestly, I had already given up hope myself. It was just God and that was about the biggest miracle God has done for us in these 25 years and I will never forget it. It was really a test of faith.”



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