Practitioners in the entertainment sector under the aegis of Association of Entertainment Practitioners, comprising those in the creative industry, including Actors Guild of Nigeria; Association of Movie Producers; Directors Guild of Nigeria; Abuja Body of Comedians; Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria and Association of Pageant and Fashion Exhibition Among others have been urged to make adequate plans for their retirement when they are no more active in the craft. 

They have also been tasked to be original in creating their own contents and avoid copying other people's works, a practice said to be lowering their potentials. 

This is part of resolutions contained in a communique released by the body after a stakeholders dinner tagged: Creative Industry Stakeholders Brainstorming Dinner which took place at Bolingo Xperia hotel, Abuja on Thursday January 12, 2023. 

The communique signed by a rapporteur, Amb. David AllGreen said the meeting was to build a bridge between entertainers and the end users on one side and those that mentor, support and benefit from it on the other, set a roadmap to reposition the entertainment industry such that the practitioners will start benefiting maximally from their craft, as well as avenue to thank God for His blessings over the years. 

During their deliberations, the entertainment practitioners pointed out some challenges facing the sector, including low return on investment from their contents and shows, lack of diligence in project delivery on terms dedication, timelines and cohesion, inability of members to engage with media to ensure publicity for their projects, taking the industry as a part-time job thereby not giving it the seriousness it deserves hence the need for investors to go to other places to get actors, unfavourable government policies and more. 

According to the communique, it was resolved that the entertainers engage professional consultants to help in project management, practitioners should invest in knowledge and partnerships, should speak well and promote one another and also work in harmony, should invest in media relations and publicity and ensure good accounting records because investors need it to be able to decide on their investment stakes 

It continued, "Practitioners should be educated in the industry before venturing into it

"Members should be original in their craft instead of copying others and lowering their potentials

"Carry the younger generation along in order to inject vibrant and innovative ideas and ensure sustainability of the industry

"Members should appraise their knowledge of the craft to determine if they actually belong here

"Members should study and understand creativity

"Stakeholders should run workshops for practitioners

"Advocate for more stakeholder engagement in smaller technical training sessions to improve the craft of members

"Members should clearly define their industry and get a mentor and also build networks with a circle of trust 

"Get consultants and managers of their craft 

"Members should live at peace with one another

"The practitioners should partner with organisations to promote positive values that will build a healthy society for Nigeria through their content

"Members should break away from the norms and adopt innovative ways of doing business

"Build and own their copyright

"To package themselves in manner that they command respect when they approach investors

"Ateam of think tanks to be established to mentor and coordinate talents" among others.




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