Nigerian actress, Esther Nwachukwu has expressed preference for dating married men as against singles, noting someone else’s hubby is ‘the sweetest thing on earth’.

She described them as the sweetest especially if they possess a number of qualities she listed, The Nation reported on Friday.

Nwachukwu argued single guys could never be compared to married men because they have divided attention asides not being sweet.

The ‘queen of knack’ in a video shared on her Instagram page said: “See, the way person husband dey sweet. Do you know that somebody’s husband is the sweetest man on earth?

“Person husband dey sweet pass single guys. I’m talking about person husband wey get money. Person husband dey sweet. E come worse when the guy come fine, come sabi knack, come get big gbola, come get money.

“Trust me, married men are the sweetest! Married men are so sweet that they can make one go crazy.

“Married men are the sweetest, trust me. Single guys are not sweet because they have divided attention.

“Married men remain the sweetest. Their thought keeps scattering my head.”





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