Yes, we love giving tips to have good sex, but we also want you to be safe.

Many people have landed in the emergency room because they were not careful during sexual intercourse.

As much as you want to have as much fun as possible, you don’t want to end up wounded or sick.

Put weird things inside your body or trying kinks you don’t know about

The only things that should be inside your body during sex are sexual organs or sex toys, anything else is a highway to infections, and that include putting food and all manner inside sexual organs.

Okay, you bought a new sex toy and you don’t know how it works, learn and don’t electrocute yourself. Plus, you don’t want to be chained to a bed and you don’t know how to be unchained because you never learnt how to use handcuffs.

This is not a good sex toy

Sex when high or drunk

Except it’s with a partner you know and trust, sex and drugs are a bad combination. Though many people say they prefer having sex when high because it increases their sensitivity and removes inhibitions, many (bad) things happens when you lack no inhibitions during sex.

You can overestimate your strength and wake up with bruises but what’s worse you are more likely to make decisions you will regret later.

Drunk sex should even be out of it because you won’t remember anything, so what’s the point? Control your alcohol consumption and if you are with a drunk person, don’t engage them in sexual activities no matter how they beg.

Casual sex or paying for sex

For real though, one night stands at your age? Okay, I get it if it’s something you want to cross from your sexual bucket list but if you make a habit of sleeping with strangers and even worse paying for sex. Apart from the health implications, it’s unsettling psychologically.

Multiple sexual partners, yes that includes a threesome with a random stranger

I am not saying ‘leave woman and man and touch God’ but limit the number of people you are having sex with, whether you are married or single, we know married people aren’t as monogamous too.

Asides from contracting STIs, even if you are sure of your sexual health, you can’t be sure of the other person’s and you can leave a trail of broken hearts and trust because of your lack of control.

Lack of protection

All these behaviours are tied but stop saying you like it raw with someone you just met or are unsure of, don’t you like yourself?

Plus, you don’t want to have a pregnancy scare or get pregnant, all I’m trying to say is use a condom. Abortions are not legal in Nigeria and are problematic.



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