A former All Progressives Congress, APC, Campaign Director on Civil Society Organization, Naja’atu Mohammed, has disclosed what the party’s presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu told her about insecurity in the North.

Naja’atu disclosed that Tinubu told her he had no blueprint for tackling insecurity in the North during a meeting in London.

She disclosed this while alluding to why she resigned from the ruling APC.

On Arise Television’s programme, Morning Show, Naja’atu said: “I met with Tinubu in the North and he told me “I don’t have a blueprint for tackling insecurity in the North; if I have I might be killed.

“Having a blueprint for tackling insecurity in the North would mean I will be stepping on so many toes.

“He has been urging me to take the appointment and I refused.”

A few days ago, Naja’atu resigned her appointment with the APC and Tinubu’s campaign team.

However, Tinubu’s campaign team claimed she was sacked for being a mole.



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