A popular actress and filmmaker, Foluke Daramola-Salako, has said that though she can cope with infidelity on the part of her spouse, she cannot condone abuse.

Maintaining that having different political opinions from her husband, Kayode Salako, is not a big deal, she told Saturday Beats, “The fact that my husband is a chieftain of the Labour Party does not change the fact that we are in a marriage and we respect each other’s opinion and feelings. If someone wants to lord their opinions over me, I would see it as a form of abuse. I can deal with infidelity in relationships and marriage, but I cannot deal with any form of abuse. If my husband had exhibited a domineering nature or I felt like I was in some sort of bondage, the relationship won’t work. But so far, he has been liberal, and it is working for us.”

The actress, who is a supporter of the All Progressives Congress, also maintained that she was not a greenhorn in politics. She added, “I studied International Law and Relations in school. I was also a director of socials with the student union at a time. I have always been politically inclined.

“Acting was a means of survival for me, but politics is my first love.”

Daramola, however, assured her fans that she had no plan to put her acting career on hold.

The actress also stated that she always prioritised spending time with her children. She said, “I had not been able to see my kids for two years, but despite the pressure (of work and other activities), I was able to create time to travel to spend time with them. I am always ready to give whatever I love my time and dedication. I am a passionate person. Once I set out to do anything, nobody can discourage me from doing it. But, if I am heartbroken, I will be out for good.”






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