The Coalition for Transparency and Economic Reforms (COTER)  has petitioned President Muhammadu Buhari demanding that the Central Bank Governor, Godwin Emefiele step aside from office over weighty allegations against him.

The group in a strongly worded petition to the President said going by the alleged gargantuan fraud perpetrated by the CBN Governor for years shouldn’t be overlooked.

The petition jointly signed its President and Generally Secretary Dr Peter Chima Chukwu, Mallam Auta Ibrahim Koko reads:

“Your Excellency, recent developments in the Nigerian polity, which have elicited serious concerns in various quarters, have once again necessitated COTER’s decision not to keep quiet or act complacently. Infact, for us, keeping mum in the face of clear monumental corruption and gross abuse of office by the CBN Governor, Mr Godwin Emefiele, will amount to complicity. Mr President, sir, you must act speedily regarding the various security reports on the CBN Governor, Mr Godwin Emefiele, that have for some time now been yearning for urgent attention.

“Your Excellency, sir, it is imperative that you take action on Emefiele now in order not to continue to jeopardise your laudable achievements and lofty legacies you intend to leave behind as a true leader of the country.

‘Your Excellency, sir, the appalling and gargantuan fraud already perpetrated by the CBN Governor for years now, particularly under your administration, should no longer be overlooked by the Federal Government.”

Continuing: The group demanded for immediate action against Emefiele “Mr President, COTER will therefore like to use this medium to demand your immediate action against the perennial and persistent fraudulent activities of Mr Emefiele, in cahoots with some other Nigerians, in siphoning the public money in the custody of the CBN under various phoney headings, especially since 2015 when your administration came into office.

“Your Excellency, the unabashed corrupt stance of the CBN Governor and his cohorts leaves very bad taste in the mouth!

“Your Excellency, it is public knowledge that Emefiele began to perpetrate these monumental frauds immediately he got into office and only became more daring and unperturbed under your administration.

“Mr President, it is a well-known fact that the CBN Governor has been colluding with some corrupt individuals to move huge public funds from the apex bank’s into personal accounts without the knowledge of the Federal Government.

“Your Excellency, we are aware that according to the various security reports before you, Emefiele has siphoned hundreds of trillions of Naira under your watch from the CBN using various guises since 2015. Mr President, this is highly scandalous!

“Your Excellency, sir, it will shock you to understand that these monumental frauds being perpetrated at the CBN are the reasons for the various harsh and anti-people monetary policies being foisted on Nigerians by Emefiele and his cohorts. Mr President, these inhuman monetary policies are kegs of gunpowder being heated and the results of which will be nothing but renewed agitations, perennial restiveness, wanton violence and needless destruction as well as the general insecurity and social maladies that your administration has been battling with since 2015.

“Mr President, sir, the disgrace the CBN has brought upon the person of Your Excellency, your administration and the entire Federal Government, going by the Supreme Court’s recent pronouncement on Emefiele’s controversial new monetary policy, cannot be imagined! The reversal of the CBN policy by the apex court, after Emefiele had subjected all Nigerians to excruciating pains and sufferings, has no doubt detracted so much from the laudable achievements already recorded by your administration in the past seven years.

ce and authorisation to perform their constitutional duty of investigating, arresting and questioning all those suspected of committing financial and economic crimes against the Nigerian state, no matter how highly placed they may be.

12. Your Excellency, the purported Presidential Order directing CBN officials not to honour any invitation by the DSS because of an existing court injunction should be immediately withdrawn. This is conferring undue immunity on Emefiele and other CBN officials against being investigated, questioned and prosecuted by the appropriate security agecies. Your Excellency, the fact is that Emefiele has continued to hide under this Presidential Order to perpetrate humonguous frauds at the CBN. He must be stopped now to save the reputation of your administration and preserve your anti-corruption legacy for the future generations of Nigerians.




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