A pro-democracy and anti-sabotage group, the Natives, has asked presidential candidates of Labour Party (LP), Peter Obi and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar, not to abandon the country but join hands with the President-elect, Bola Tinubu, to rebuild Nigeria.

The group also charged the duo to emulate President Muhammadu Buhari, who, after losing presidential elections thrice allowed Court processes and stayed back in Nigeria to contribute to democratic growth.

Addressing a press conference Wednesday in Abuja, the Supreme Leader of the Natives, Smart Edwards, specifically thanked the military, Police and the Directorate of State Security Service (DSS) for exposing plot by some opposition elements for an interim national government.

Edwards also commended the security agencies for their commitments toward sustaining democracy in Nigeria.

According to Edwards, the DSS as an establishment acted swiftly to promptly alert and urgently inform the public of the capricious tendencies of desperate feudal political oligarchies, using unsuspecting youths to rubbish all institutions of government and denigrate them to promote anarchy and acts of discountenance in the country.

“We must at this juncture openly commend profusely the swift response of the DSS under their Director General, the Defense Headquarters, and the entire Intelligence community for their professionalism and commitment to their democratic obligation by alerting, and distancing the establishment from any complicity and readiness to frustrate any mischievous effort to truncate our much-cherished democracy.

“You may wish to know that pathetic political jobbers parading the nation appealing for Interim national government because of their conspiracy theories and illusions on the outcome of the just concluded elections have attracted shame for themselves and their co- travellers by the dignity of our gatekeepers, a worthy armed forces.”

While emphasising that Nigerian Military and the intelligence community deserve global applause, the Natives leader said Nigeria has been awake to the emergence of political saboteurs reminiscent of June 12, 1993, roaming the nation in search of collaborators to truncate 24 years of uninterrupted democracy in the country.

“These saboteurs by their open and sinister moves have been bungled and busted by the Vigilance and verity of the Department of State Security.

“So for taking a professional stand and democratic position in the face of intending political catastrophe, protecting our constitution, and non-interference in the statutory roles of the Electoral body, our military and intelligence community deserves global applause.

“Towards this end, the Natives of Nigeria encourage the Military and the intelligence community to remain ever-committed to Civilian rule and sustain their character as professionals and defenders of our sovereignty.

“We acknowledge your quest for more sophistication, better welfare, training, citizen support, and reinvigoration of our military architecture to serve the nation better and thereby sustain our formidable military might in the Region while achieving national unity and cohesion.

“The renewed hope mandate certainly assures us of determination to invest in our security as a sector and this will no doubt revamp the glory of our gallant forces with renewed successes as giants of Africa and defenders of democracy.”

While calling on Peter Obi and Atiku not to abandon Nigeria, Edwards said: “We are hearing rumours that some presidential candidates of various parties have started leaving the country, this is a trademark of any politician who is just an opportunist. We, however, called on our respected Labour Party candidate, His Excellency Peter Obi to please stay in the country because his talents, ability and his contributions are needed in this country as a patriot, he doesn’t need to go on exile.

“We are also hearing that the PDP candidate, His Excellency Atiku Abubakar will soon be on his way back to Dubai, whether he has gone or about to leave, we appeal to him to stay back because his valuable contributions are needed in this country. We encourage all of them to stay back like President Muhammadu Buhari stayed back because that is the process of contributing to development of our democracy and Nigeria.

“For Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, his party lost elections twice but this one he won through proper collaboration and we are asking all to work together for growth of our beloved Nigeria and its democracy.”

When asked for his position on the leadership of the National Assembly, the Natives leader called for tradition of competence over religion and other sentiments, adding that fairness must not be jettisoned.

He said: “The Natives comprises of all tribes, all tongues, all believe and all religions in Nigeria. The party that has won election (APC) has produced a Muslim-Muslim ticket on the bases of competence. This tradition must be sustained. The tradition of competence, legislative competence, hard work, contributions to victory must be given value.

“We believe that Christians are part of Nigeria, Muslims are part of Nigeria but we will not promote disunity because we are one tribe, one Nation under God. So, we believe that the zoning belong to the party, they can choose whosoever they want but as Natives we advance that the constitution recognises a balance, and in that balance Christian can be found and are also worthy to be Senate President so as to have influence in their own country. The parliament has many offices, from Senate President, Speaker, Deputy Senate President, Deputy Speaker and other principal offices, let their be fairness.”



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