Oluwole Senkoya MD, SKYEWISE Global Investment Services

One of the leading investment companies in Nigeria, Skyewise Global Investment Services, owned by Skyewise Group has rolled out a passive income opportunity in order to get people prepared ahead of their retirement.

The company says this is a deliberate plan to make retirees rich and comfortable enough to take care of their health and cater for their families even when they are no more in active service.

According to the organisation, people tend to meet their untimely death shortly after retirement because of inadequate care arising from financial burdens. 

To this end, Skyewise Global Investment Services has called on income earners from the age bracket of 24 and above to start getting ready for retirement by investing in a passive income opportunity now that will give them a comfortable future.

"Passive income is that income that you don't have to exert energy of routine daily work by yourself to earn. It is the money that your money is making for you without you lifting a finger. It will help you to retire without having money problems", the company said in a viral video message.

It allows those who invest in the initiative to receive returns of up to 24% per annum in a monthly pro-rata basis on their total investment with Skyewise Group.

It says further, "With the current situation, investment minded individuals need to begin to take position outside the traditional banking system, look for safe havens that trade in physical and visible products and services with sustainable and futuristic mindset like SKYEWISE GROUP for Private Placement Partnership that works for short and/or medium term returns on investment.

"Don't work to save, work to invest; I remember a man who invested N50m in SKYEWISE Group 7years ago today he has made over 84m returns on his investment, the returns on his investment afforded him an opportunity to buy his dream house of N65m last year and his principal still yielding more returns on a monthly basis. 

I also know a man who was scared to invest due to past experiences but today inflation, bank-charges, demand from loved ones has eaten the N50m up! Financial freedom is not in acquisition of assets but your ability to take calculated risk that will make those assets to yield consistent income that changes your financial circumstances and give you residual income for life! 

"The richest people in the world don't save! Rather they invest and reinvest! Don't work for money, let your money work for you by investing in Skyewise Group for sustainable monthly returns on your investment! Don't forget, any investment that the returns is too high will not stand the test of time!!". Come to Skyewise Group and experience sustainable investment platform that guarantees your peace of mind.


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